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How to complete Tada Yori Mythic Tale in Ghost of Tsushima – Unlock Tada Yori Armor

To unlock Tada Yori Armor in Ghost of Tsushima complete The Legend of Tadayori Mythic Tale. Here is a walkthrough on how to unlock this armor.

Tada Yori is a legendary archer’s armor in Ghost of Tsushima. Its perks boost Concentration making your defense stronger in battle. In this guide, I will help you to complete Ghost of Tsushima’s Legend of Tadayori Mythic Tale that will unlock the armor in the end. You can also check our Ghost of Tsushima all armor guide to know about every armor in the game. Or else will continue with our guide on how to unlock Tada Yori Armor in Ghost of Tsushima.

How to complete The Legend of Tadayori Mythic Tale?


There are multiple mythic tales in Ghost of Tsushima, Legend of Tadayori unlocks at the very start of the game. You will unlock this quest when you free the island of Tsushima from Mongol Forces. The quest also rewards you with Legend Boost, a way to level up your character to unlock more powerful gears and weapons. I am going to share step by step detail on how to start and win the mythic tale.

Every mythic tale in Ghost of Tsushima starts with a musician telling the story of heroes of the island. To start Legend of Tadayori finds the musician in the Azamo region of Izuhara. Look for Rustling Bend in the southwest of the river of the Izhuhara region near the river. The musician is among the people in the south of Rustling Bend. Talk to the musician to start The Legend of Tadayori Mythic Tale.

Where to find Violent Flowers?


The first requirement of the quest is to find violet flowers. Your objective marker will take you to a point of interest where you have to explore the area to locate the flower. Loo for the small spiral mountain that is covered in violet flowers, follow the flowers to the top and examine the item on the peak. Interact with the incense and the container to unlock a map that unlocks the second part of the quest.

How to reach the Map location?

There will be no objective marker to lead you to the location. But do not worry it is not that tough find. To find Tadayori’s Rest, look on the opposite of the shrine towards the horizon. Go straight and do not stop until you see violet flowers. Follow the flowers and you will spot a tree on the top with yellow flower. That is the place secret place on the map to complete Legend of Tadayori Mythic Tale.


You will have to search for a small lantern at the base of the mountain near the flowers. Crawl through the tiny space and you will enter Tadayori’s Rest. Continue walking till you find a cemetery and examine the area.

How to defeat Kaede?

While exploring you will have to fight with a woman called Kaede, she will approach you for a duel. Fight her to prove your worth, it is not that complicated. This duel is simple and straight there is no special requirement. It is not recommended to fight the lady early in the game. Because some skills and upgrades are going to help you in this fight. It is best to play defensive here.


  • Block her attacks and go for strong attacks or combos only.
  • Be ready to dodge when you see a red indicator, these attacks are unblockable. But ready to hit her with combos or strong attack after this. She will pause for a while, that’s your time.

How to unlock Tadayori’s Armor?

After defeating Kaede she will tell you about the Tadayori’s Armor. You will unlock the armor location which is in Azamo Bay.  Go to the bay and find the musician, defeat the Mongols to free him. There is one thing you have to watch, the Mongols are there to execute the musician, if he dies you will not unlock the armor.

So keep eye on the guards with the red symbol above them. This means they will be executing the musicians, attack them first. Rescue him and then talk to him regarding the armor. You will unlock it instantly after the fight is over. Here are the armor perks:

  • Increase knocking and reload speed by 15%.
  • Increases total Concentration time by 1 seconds.
  • Head-shots restore 25% of the Concentration meter.

Tadayori’s Armor focus on boosting Concentration. It gives you a small boost in knocking and reload speed and it is a kind of a good armor if you use arrows a lot. Concentration ability in Ghost of Tsushima slows downtime. It gives you short video for head-shots for killing tougher enemies. If you had not unlocked Concentration yet, this armor will not be much helpful.

So this is how you can complete The Legend of Tadayori Mythic Tale in Ghost of Tsushima and unlock the Tadayori’s Armor.