How to Unlock Gosaku Armor in Ghost of Tsushima – Best Armor

Gosaku is the best armor in Ghost of Tsushima and here is a guide on how to unlock Gosaku Armor in Ghost of Tsushima. Which mythic tale holds the reward.

Gosaku armor is one of the best armor in Ghost of Tsushima. It is unlocked when you complete The Unbreakable Gosaku Mythic Tale. I am doing to share all the details on how to unlock Gosaku Armor in Ghost of Tsushima and how to play the Unbreakable Gosaku mythic tale to grab the armor.

How to start the Unbreakable Mythic Tail in Ghost of Tsushima?

Find the magician in the Toyotama Region of Tsushima. By talking to the musician you can start the Unbreakable Mythic tale in Ghost of Tsushima. To find the musician go to Akashima Village in the Akashima Prefecture. He is sitting on the south entrance of the village, not that tough to find.

The musician is sitting in the crowd on the outskirt of Akashima Village. You will have to sit down to listen to his tale and you will learn about a farmer who stole a samurai armor. Many families hold the key to unlock the armor this is where the Unbreakable tale objective begins.

Just talk to the musician and you will unlock the mythic tale objective. Completing the mission will also give you Legend boost and unlock the amazing Ghosaku’s Armor.

How to find Gosaku’s Armor in Ghost of Tsushima?

To complete the Unbreakable Mythic tale you will have to liberate 6 different farmsteads across the Toyomata and Izhuara region. Every farmstead is heavily guarded by Mongol soldiers, you have to free them all one by one.

After freeing them look for hostages, rescue them. But beware do not barge into the farmstead and start fighting, Mongol soldiers might kill the hostages. You have to go in stealth and approach enemies silently. Engage in combat only if you only a few soldiers are left. Look for a shield icon over the head of the hostage, this icon indicates the hostage will be attacked. You have to focus your combat in saving him.

Also if you are undetected then Mongol Soldiers will not attack the hostage, they will only take the dire step if you are seen by them. So play in stealth and try luring the enemies away from the location. You can use sticky bombs to confuse them.

Locations of all Six Farmstead to complete Unbreakable Mythic Tale:

To save your time here is the list of all 6 farmsteads you will have to free from Mongols and rescue hostages.

  1. Iijima Farmstead – Located as the eastern edge of Umugi prefecture, look for two large rivers.
  2. Koshimizu Farmstead – Located in the center of Kushi prefecture. Look at the eastern edge for a large lake.
  3. Yagata Farmstead – Located in the center of Kashine prefecture. Check the map region below Kashine Forest and Yagata.
  4. Kuta Village – Located in the far east of Golden Temple, in the Ariake prefecture. Scan the area on the north of Kuta Grassland that is between two rivers.
  5. Ohama Fishing Village – Located in western coast of Tsutsu prefecture.
  6. Aoi Village – In the same Tsutsu prefecture follow the region on the southwest side crossing Tsutsu plain. The village is on the north of Kijo Isle.

Gosaku’s Armor final Location

Difficulty level increases with every farmstead, so you have to be ready for the same. After freeing all the farmstead, and talking to the hostage it is time to grab your rewards. To unlock the amazing Gosaku Armor, for this return to Akashima prefecture. Search for a rocky peak at the east of Fort Ito. You will have to ride through towards the northern side until you spot a sealed door.

After reaching near a massive rock you will find Mongol soldiers. Fight them all and unlock the stone door. You have all the 6 keys you unlocked by freeing the hostages. Unlock the door and then you will have to climb on the peak of the hill. There are branches to swing around, just keep going up until you see the top and find a shrine.

That’s it unlock the chest and you have the Gosaku’s Armor. The armor comes with three perks which boost health and stagger damage. Also, get 10% health back by killing a staggered enemy. That makes this armor one of the best in Ghost of Tsushima. Here is a guide on all Ghost of Tsushima Armors, you can learn about all 11 armors, how to unlock them, and their perks.