How to Increase Max Health In Ghost of Tsushima?

Max Health means more time to stay in the battle, so here is a guide on how to unlock the full health bar in Ghost of Tsushima.

Health is the most important factor of your character in Ghost of Tsushima. The more you have the more you can stay in the battle. But how to unlock the full health bar in Ghost of Tsushima?

Well, it was shocking to find that it is simple yet time-consuming. You don’t have to beat a boss or find a rare artifact to unlock Max Health in Ghost of Tsushima. It is all about finding a Hot Spring and you get some additional Health Points for free. Here is a detailed guide on how to increase Health in Ghost of Tsushima.

How to unlock Max Health in Ghost of Tsushima?

Locate Hot Springs in Ghost of Tsushima and you will increase the Health bar of Jin. Hot Springs are not common, they are shown as a good icon on the map. If you find one then mark your way towards the Hot Spring. If you are very far then use Fast Travel Points. You just have to take a dip in Hot Sprints and Jin will get a Health Boost.

More Health means you are capable of taking more damage. There won’t be dodging attacks. So remember Hot Spring is the best place to boost Health stats in Ghost of Tsushima. Now the question is how to locate them easily?

How to find Hot Springs in Ghost of Tsushima?

There is a skill in the Exploration section of Ghost of Tsushima skill tree. This skill can guide you to the nearest Hot Spring and that makes it an important one to unlock. But it requires Technique Points. Look for Wind of Health, unlocking this skill will take you directly to the nearest hot spring in Ghost of Tsushima.

Even if it is undiscovered the skill will guide you, so don’t have to scan the map. As you progress through missions you will be unlocking a lot of new regions in the game. The skill will cost you 1 Technique Point, and it is advisable to use focus on this at the very beginning of the game.

Increase Jin’s Legend to Unlock more Health

The second way to unlock more health and make your character stronger is by increasing the Legend. We have a detailed guide on this, it is the same as Leveling up in Ghost of Tsushima. By unlocking new levels you will rank up and boost your stats. This will rewards you with more power and strength to deal with strong enemies. The same is applicable to the damaged part, you will be able to stand fierce combats. So Leveling up or increasing Legends is equally important.

Check the link above to know more about how to level up and now you know how to unlock more health in Ghost of Tsushima.