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How To Block, Parry and Dodge in Ghost of Tsushima

Block, Parry and Dodge are defensive moves in Ghost of Tsushima. Learning them will help you to deal with stronger enemies and avoid health loss.

The defense is one of the biggest assets a Samurai can have and while offensive style does look attractive, you will need to know when to hang back and get out of danger. Ghost of Tsushima sends out an entire army of 40,000 Mongol warriors on you and this guide will show you how to block, parry and dodge in the game.

How To Block Parry and Dodge in Ghost of Tsushima

Given the chance, enemies will overwhelm you during every battle and you cannot simply charge at everyone simultaneously in Ghost of Tsushima. You will need to hone your skills of blocking, dodging, and parrying and enemy attacks in the game.

Keep in mind though, that you cannot block every attack in the game, and you will need to know which ones to stand your ground and block and which ones you should get out of the way of. Each type of defensive action is paired with an assigned button and you will need to hit those at the right time to get control of the fight in Ghost of Tsushima.

How To Block Attacks In Ghost of Tsushima

Blocking attacks will help save you from your enemy’s blows, make sure to first understand what type of attack the enemy is using. There are three basic types of attacks that enemies can hit you with. Some attacks do not have an indication these can be blocked easily.

Other attacks will have a blue or red dot to indicate them. If the indicator shines blue, it means that you can block and or parry these attacks but if the indicator is red it is best to dodge them and get out of the way.

  • Red indicator attacks in Ghost of Tsushima cannot be blocked or parried so you are left with only one option to dodge them. These are heavy attacks and if you get hit, they will deal with heavy damage.

To block attacks in Ghost of Tsushima, all you have to do is press the L1 button and Jin will pull up his sword and block any incoming attack.

How To Parry Attacks In Ghost of Tsushima

  • Parrying in Ghost of Tsushima is done by pressing the L1 button as well but to parry attacks, you will have to press the L1 button at the very last minute.
  • Once you get the visual cue saying that you have successfully parried an attack, you can then follow up with your attacks by pressing Square or Triangle.
  • Make sure that you parry attacks that do not have any indicator or those with blue ones to be successful.

How To Dodge Attacks In Ghost of Tsushima

Dodging attacks is important and will quickly get you out of a quick spot. If your enemy is charging at you and is about to deal you with an attack that is marked with a red indicator, dodging them is your only option.

  • Press Circle and you will quickly get out of the way from a devastating swing or a bow attack, this will keep you in the fight for much longer.

This is all there is to know about how to block, parry and dodge attacks in Ghost of Tsushima, make sure to check out How To Save The Game In Ghost Of Tsushima.