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How to Unlock Kensei Armor in Ghost of Tsushima?

Kensei Armor is the most lethal armor in Ghost of Tsushima, its perks boost Resolve and Damage. Here is a guide on how to unlock Kensei Armor in Ghost of Tsushima.

Every Armor in Ghost of Tsushima focuses on boosting one or dual attributes like Damage, Concentration, or Resolve. Talking about Resolve, it is vital to perform powerful combat moves and health himself fast in the battle. This is where Kensei Armor sits on the top of the list, one of the most lethal armor in Ghost of Tsushima. In this guide, I will show you how to unlock Kensei Armor in Ghost of Tsushima, how to complete the 6 Blades of Kojira Quest which will reward you this upgrade. So let’s begin.

How to Unlock Gosaku’s Armor in Ghost of Tsushima?

There are two things to do. First, you have to find Yamato and then the second start the 6 Blades of Kojira Mythic Tale to find and defeat swordsmen.

How to start 6 Blades of Kojira Mythic Tale in Ghost of Tsushima?

6 Blades of Kojira Mythic Tale holds the Kensei Armor. It is not easy at all, similar to unlocking Gosaku’s Armor, which requires you to free 6 Farmsteads from Mongol Soldiers, this one is long and tough. To complete this mythic tale you will have to defeat 5 Straw Hat swordsmen around the different regions in the map. So there is a lot of close combat and after defeating them all you will be able to unlock Kensei Armor. Here is how to start the 6 Blades of Kojira Mythic Tale?

Talk to Yamato once you are in Act 2 of Ghost of Tsushima. He is in the Umugi Cove, located on the south side of Lady Sanjo’s Landing. You will see 5 locations on the map, each of these locations has a Straw Hat Swordsmen. After defeating all you will have to fight Kojiro himself to unlock the armor. Here are the locations of swordsmen.

Ghost of Tsushima five Swordsmen Locations

  1. Duel In The Drowning Marsh – Check the map for the first duel location. South of Old Kanazawa Marsh.
  2. Duel Under Falling Water – After defeating the first swordsmen check the map for a second. He is in the south of Omi Village.
  3. Duel Of Crashing Waves – The third swordsmen is on the north of Urashima’s Village.
  4. Duel Under Autumn Leaves – The fourth swordsmen are located east of Yamabushi’s Peak.
  5. Duel On The Mirror Of Sacred Light – The final swordsmen are near Omi village. Head to Omi Monastery.
  6. Duel Among the Spider Lilies – Located on the North of the north of the Field of the Equinox Flower.

After defeating all swordsmen return to Yamato in Umugi Cove. He will tell you about Kojiro your final target. You can find him at Omi Monastery. The final duel, it is one of the toughest fights in Ghost of Tsushima.

Tips to defeat the swordsmen in Ghost of Tsushima 6 Blades of Kojira Mythic Tale:

Here are some tips to defeat the swordsmen easily, keep these tricks in mind and you will be able to complete this mythic tale fast.

  1. All Swordsmen will have a similar move set, but the difficulty level can be high.
  2. Stone stance is highly effective against the swordsmen.
  3. All Swordsmen are weak against parry, you can use this to your advantage.
  4. When you see Red Glint, dodge away you cannot cancel this attack.
  5. Enter every fight with max Resolve. You can fight a few Mongol soldiers to fill the Resolve bar.
  6. Armors like Samurai Clan Armor, Sakai Clan Armor are the best ones to use in the fight. But there are few chances you might unlock it during the start of the game. Armor with damage and health boost is best to use.
  7. Focus on getting max Resolve this helps you a lot in defeating the swordsmen.

This is how you can unlock Kensei’s armor in Ghost of Tsushima. It will not be an easy task but Kensei Armor comes with Resolve and Damage boost perks. It can help you a lot in tougher fights.