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How to observe Leaders in Ghost of Tsushima?

Here is a guide on how to accurately observe leaders in Ghost of Tsushima, and why it is important to do?

Learning how to observe leaders in Ghost of Tsushima can be confusing but here is a guide on how to do that. It is an important part of the game that allows you to unlock stance upgrades. It is performed in stealth you have to take extra care of not getting detected by enemies on the battlefield. Here is a detailed guide on what does observing leader in Ghost of Tsushima? How it can help you in the game and why it is important to observe a leader in Ghost of Tsushima.

Ghost of Tsushima Observe leader Guide


To observer leader in Ghost of Tsushima, you will first need cover. Hide your self in a plantation around the area or stay back behind some object. It is important to not get detected during the Ghost of Tsushima to observe the process. After getting a vantage point hold R2 to scan the base. Scan every section unless you detect all important parts, enemy locations, and minute details before attacking.

Observing a Leader at the enemy will unlock the next Stance Upgrade. That why it is important and you cannot complete Ghost of Tsushima observe leader process if you are not hidden.

The only way to complete observing a leader is to remain in cover, it is necessary to maintain the stealth until you got everything you are looking for. It can be a complicated task but worth doing. Players who focus a lot on playing in Stealth mode will never face a problem in doing the same. A lot of practice is required, when you start you will not be able to maintain the stealth for long.


Tips to Observer Leaders:

  1. Ghost Armor is the best to use in Stealth, it makes you almost invisible by reducing detection speed. Check the link on how to unlock Ghost Armor.
  2. Move the roofs instead of ground, it an best to view larger area in short time.
  3. A Leader is different that regular enemies, he will have a gold or silver armor with swords or dual swords.
  4. You can reach close enough and then press R2 to observe the leader.

The objective is to stay hidden and reach the highest vantage point which completes the Observing the Leader objective and rewards you with a Stance upgrade. Observing an enemy leader, its position, and surrounding will help you to plan your attacks. So you will be using this very often in the game. There are dual benefits of learning it, first, you unlock a point for Stance Upgrade but if you kill the Leader then you unlock on more upgrade point.


The more enemy leaders you can find, the more easily you can earn upgrade points in Ghost of Tsushima. There are four types of Stances in Ghost of Tsushima a different type of fighting style. Every stance has a collection of attacks that you can switch anytime during the battle. To know more here is a detailed guide on what are stances in Ghost of Tsushima?