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Apex Legends Season 5 Teaser Reveals Major Map Overhaul

The new map is massive

Apex Legend Season 5 is going to release soon, bringing up much reason for players to revisit the King Canyon. There are new characters, weapons, map changes, battle passes, and more. Even in the midst of rumors and leaks some info on Apex Legends new season is really exciting to see. Through different news sources, we are able to track down a major map overhaul Season 5 is hiding in its belly.

A big update coming up is the size of the new map, it will be bigger than before. Leaker’s had pulled out data through teasers revealing the map will be expanded with a new structure and underground tunnels. Users on Reddit are actively discussing various things taunted by the new season teaser which does not reveal much, but at least players know what can be included in the upcoming season.

It is clear Apex Legend Season 5 will have a bigger map, speculation is still under review. There will be a change in the current layout of King Canyon. Few screenshots shared on the Reddit community revealed new landing zones and tunnel structure. Will, there is a bigger map this time?

Season 4 battle pass will be released on May 5 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM BST, after which all Season 4 daily and weekly challenges will be locked. EA has not revealed enough on Season 5, most of the leaks are based on guesses and observation. The question is when is Apex Legends Season 5 is coming? The expected date for the new seasons was May 7 but later it is postponed to May 12, the official release date is not confirmed yet. We will keep you updated on more new leaks on Apex Legends Season 5, stay tuned to gamertweak.com.