What Is The Snitch Role In Among Us Snitch Mod?

What's the Among Us Snitch Mod and what is the Snitch Role in it? Here's everything to know about it.

The Among Us Snitch Mod is the newest addition that you can use to add a Snitch role to the game. In real life, snitches get stitches but what exactly happens in this role? What is it that you have to do to get a win? Find out all about this role right here.

What is the Snitch Role in Among Us Snitch Mod?

what is the snitch role among us

Among all the players, there will be one player who will be assigned as the Snitch. The Snitch will know who are the imposters but this will happen when they have only one task remaining. When the Snitch talks about the Imposters during discussions, they will end up revealing themselves as well. So, here’s when things get exciting. The Imposters will be after the Snitch to kill them off while the Snitch tries to finish their task. You also have to convince everyone about the Imposters and get them voted out fast.

The Among Us Snitch Mod comes from @Ottomated_ who is popular in the Among Us Modding community. The Proximity chat mod was also created by Ottomated.

How to Install the Among Us Snitch Mod?

You can download and install the Among Us Snitch Mod unofficially from sources online but you have to be sure that the file is free of any viruses. It is not an official mod so you won’t be able to play it in the main game. Also, you have to ensure that all participating players have installed the mod in order to get the Snitch role to work.

Remember to not use any mods including the Werewolf Imposter mod, Zombie mod, 100 players mod and Jester Mod with the actual game version. That’s because Modding is not officially allowed and it can lead to a ban in the future. So use it only on the modded PC version of Among Us.

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