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Among Us: How To Play Werewolf Imposter Mod

Here's a quick guide on how to play the Werewolf mod in Among Us.

At a time when thousands of Among Us players have been eagerly waiting for a new map called Airship, a YouTuber named SSundee has discovered a new way to make the game more interesting. The YouTuber had recently dropped a video of him playing Among Us using Werewolf mod. Yes, Werewolf is a new addition to the list of popular Among Us mods.

Unlike other Among Us mods, this is a bit different, which makes the imposter a werewolf. Ever since  SSundee dropped a video on YouTube, thousands of Among Us fans have been wondering how to enjoy this mod and if that’s you then look no further as we have got you covered.


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How To Play The Werewolf Mod In Among Us


The Werewolf Mod for Among Us gives special power to players playing the game as an Imposter. Yes, this mod has the ability to transform Imposter into a Werewolf. There is a special button and when it is pressed, it turns off the lights and reduces visions for everyone except the Werewolf, making it easier for Werewolf imposter to see the locations of crewmates on the minimap.

When the button is pressed, Imposters can easily kill crewmates and no one would suspect that you killed crewmates. Before you press this special button and go on a killing spree, you should know that the Werewolf button has a cooldown period, preventing imposter from getting transformed anytime he wants.


It would be impossible to defeat the imposter who is playing Among Us using Werewolf imposter mod. Since he can decrease vision for everyone by pressing the special button, he can easily manipulate them into believing that it is not him but someone else who killed crewmates.

That’s everything you need to know about how to play the Werewolf mod in Among Us. We’ve got more Among Us mods like the Jester Mod, Zombie mod and more so check them out too and make your game even more interesting.