What Is The Jester Mode In Among Us (Jester Mod)?

What is the Jester mode in among Us and how to download the Jester Mod? We've explained everything in this guide.

Among Us mods have changed the game which has an interesting premise of its own. But with the help of modifications, players can enjoy newer twists and turns making the game more challenging for those who want to try it out. Yet another mod joining the 100 player mod, Zombie mod and Sheriff mod is the Among Us Jester Mod. What is this Jester Mode, you ask? We have explained it in this article along with information on how to install the mod and play it.

Among Us Jester Mod Download – How does it Work?

How to Get Among Us Jester Game Custom Mode

The Jester Mode in Among Us has a specific Jester role where you must pretend to be sus in order to get voted out of the game. If you are the Jester, you have to act in such away that others think you are the imposter and if everyone votes you out, then you win. This complicates things because the actual imposters can get additional help in this way and they can turn the discussion away from themselves. For Crewmates, things get more confusing because it can get tough to find out who is the Jester and who is the actual Imposter. As a Jester, if you try to act way too suspicious, then people won’t vote you out because you were just very obvious. The trick is behave normally at times and suspiciously at times giving it just enough believability.

Another thing is that if you are killed by an Imposter after being found, then the Jester loses the game. It’s crucial that the Jester wins via vote without being killed by the Imposters who will try to eliminate you first.

If you and your group of friends want a unique twist to the base game which involves crewmates completing tasks and imposters trying to kill innocent players, this is a fun way to do it.

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How to Get Among Us Jester Game Custom Mode (Mod)

It’s not an official mode from Innersloth which is why you need to get the Among Us Jester Mod Download separately. Since it is an unofficial one, though, you have to exercise caution because it changes the game files. The Among Us Jester Mod Download file will be available after you join Sockfor1’s SockDrawer Discord. After downloading and installing this, the Jester Mode will be available with the new Jester role. Your friends also need to have it installed in order to play together on PC.

Do note that you need to avoid using this mod with the main Among Us game because the developers can ban you in the future. So try this out only if you are already knowledgeable about Among Us mods and have tried them out already.

That’s Among Us Jester Mod Explained and we hope that clears out everything about the Jester Mode as well. While you are here, check out how to download, install and play the Among Us Prop Hunt Mod.