Best Among Us Wallpapers for PC and Mobile – Download Now

Check out the best Among Us wallpapers right here for PC and mobile right here.

Among Us Wallpapers show the best moments of the game when it comes to portraying exactly what the game is about, while the game was released a while back, the recent surge has made Among Us a must-play game that is taking over the world and with the upcoming release of a new map along with tons of new features, we thought it would be best to once again take a look back at some of the best creations that the community and official channels have birthed. Check out the best Among Us wallpapers right here for PC and mobile right here.

Best Among Us Wallpapers for PC and Mobile

Below are the best Among Us Wallpapers you can download for your PC and Mobile. Scroll down to the end to check the download link where you can find HD Resolution Wallpapers download link.

Mira HQ

Among Us Mira HQ Wallpaper Download

First, we would like to highlight the Mira HQ wallpaper that was revealed just before the release of the map. While Mira HQ isn’t as popular as Skeld, the wallpaper shows a high rising tower up in the sky surging through the clouds. This image helps to understand the larger than life map and the chaos it entails.

Happy Holidays Wallpapers

Among Us Happy Holiday Wallpaper Download

While the holidays just might be over, a lot of the world is just getting to take part in the winter wonderland and this wallpaper manages to combine both the game and the festive period. This is one of our most favorite images that we like to stare at as while we may not be able to go out and play, this image perfectly captures the feelings of the moments.

Escape From Certain Death

Among Us Escape from Death Wallpaper Download

This image is hilarious and yet speaks so loudly about the game, as you know the main objective of the game differs. While the game might have one or more impostors, there’s always a feeling of anxiety and nothing shows the exact moment of escaping from the jaws of death quite like this image.

The Wrath of The Impostor

Among Us Imposter Wallpaper Download

While Among Us features very low detailed versions of crewmates and impostors that look like one another, the sinister details do not get shown. This image, on the other hand, shows exactly how an impostor would act and look like if they were here in real life. The watercolor art helps to define all the tiny little details and bring the fear-inducing factors to life.

From the clutches of Death

Among Us Clutches of Death Wallpaper

This image of Cyan running from Yellow to activate the emergency button is scary disturbing and amazing at the same time. There are moments in the game when you’re being chased and this exact moment between safety and certain death is probably the best feeling you can get from your experience.

There’s Two Impostors

Among Us Imposters HD Wallpaper

This roster of all the crewmates with two impostors shows exactly how players can hide in plain sight. Lies, deception, and manipulation rule the world of Among Us and this just shows how easy it can be to look past it.

The Fate That Awaits

Imposter fanart by @hayaasenn 🙂 from AmongUs

While you’re innocently continuing your tasks, you never know from where danger might strike and this theme carries throughout the game. Here yellow as an impostor is calmly waiting to pounce on Pink just as the task is completed.

Is This Patrick?

Among Us Patrick HD Wallpaper Download

This world colliding image of an Among Us character with Patrick Star from Sponge Bob Square Pants series is great mobile wallpaper. For some strange reason, Patrick looks like a great skin that should be added to the game, while it may never happen this image is the closest we’ll have to a collaboration.

Couch Co-Op

Among Us Couch HD Wallpaper

This wallpaper of all the crewmates in Among Us simply chilling together on a couch and playing together. This completely makes us forget about all the killing and just enjoying the moment.

The Batmate?

Among us Batmate Wallpaper

This Batman x Among Us character collaboration is all about investigation and being the best detective in the world. Solve each crime by deducing and finding out clues. It is up to you to be the savior of others and we wish this could be added to the game, well until then we’ll just make do with this wallpaper.

Download Among Us Wallpapers HD

We will keep adding to this list of amazing Among Us wallpapers for both PC and Mobile, make sure that you check out Gamer Tweak for more exciting stuff like what does your Among Us character say about you?