What Does Your Among Us Color Say About You?

Know what your color in Among Us tells about you.

Among Us might not be stunning in terms of graphics, but it completely suits the concept of the game. It also has some cool looking skin colors for you to choose from. But be wary of what color you choose as each color can say something about you. It is human nature to judge something based on appearance, and it is true in Among Us as well. As soon as the game begins, your choice of colors will simply give out tons of color stereotypes that can work for or against you, so choose wisely. After having invested hours and hours of happy hours in the game, here’s what your Among Us color says about you.

What Your Among Us Color Means

Read until the end to find out what your character’s skin color means.


It is certainly the color of ‘danger’ in Among Us, just like it is in real life. You can even call it the epitome of sus. People will suspect you despite being an innocent crewmate which can lead to your elimination, so beware. As someone who picks red, you seem to like attention and you always want to be the talking point – which may work against you in the scenario of the game. No one believes you when you try to blame someone. But if you are feeling brave, go ahead and choose this color for some extra challenge.

what among us colors say about you


You are the quietest person at the meeting table. People automatically assume you are a girl and many a times, you are one. This player pairs up the pink skin with a pretty flower headband. You carry your quiet nature, even if you are an imposter. No one suspects you throughout the game and if you act like a noob, you can even win as an Imposter. You are basically a silent assassin as the villain and a cute newbie as a crewmate.


You are the worst crewmate but one of the best imposters. While playing as an imposter, it is you who starts smartly blaming all the crewmates so that they are eliminated. But then there is a time when you have blamed too many crewmates, and now you are majorly sus. You are sometimes referred to as Light Blue but that’s how you can separate the absolute newcomers from pros. Only pros call you Cyan.


Everyone feels safe around you and that’s your biggest benefit. You are the best imposter out there, no denying that. As a crewmate, you take the lead and influence others to vote out the one whom you don’t like. Being an imposter, you are great at faking tasks and leading players to go to the Electrical Room along with you.


You are the one who is always too quick to ask questions on the meeting table, and hence also among the quickest to be sent out flying in the space. While playing as a crewmate, you are fast in completing tasks but not good at turning the tide when the blame is on you. You are also the one who calls an Emergency Meeting for no reason.

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You are here only to become an imposter. As soon as you find out that you have been assigned the designation of a ‘boring’ crewmate, you leave the game and get on a hunt to find another crew where you can become an imposter and get some blood on your hands. If you are an imposter in a game with other imposters, you rat them out just to stay safe yourself. You do self reports simply because you like it when the other players end up accusing each other.


You are left unnoticed in the game and you make the most of that. As a crewmate, you buddy up with other innocent players while protecting them and yourself. But as an Imposter, you act dumb and get your kills in easily. Asking ‘where’ first is your favorite thing to do, especially after murdering someone yourself. You absolutely hate it when people call emergency meetings for no reason at all. But what you hate the most is when players call you Light Green. It’s Lime, for heaven’s sake!

Dark Green

You are the go getter here. As soon as the game starts, you get started with all the tasks immediately. However, you are also constantly accused in the game. Everyone wants to blame you no matter how well you have performed for the team. The same is true while being an imposter, but that gets you at a disadvantage. You don’t recognize whether anyone is watching you or not and just keep on killing crewmates until you are thrown out of the spaceship.


You can be a great imposter but rarely get the chance to be one. The quality that sets you apart from other colors is that you are great at hiding in vents and waiting for crewmates to arrive. Sometimes, you can be too naive in your decision making though so there’s that.

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You are the loyal crewmate who continues to do their task even after becoming a ghost. No matter how hurt you are after being dead or thrown out of the spaceship, it is always your duty to get back and complete the tasks. It’s not much but it’s honest work.


You are the angry one in the game. Filled with rage, you leave the game if someone even suspects you. If you die, you don’t prefer to complete your tasks as a ghost because you are just too angry to do that. But while playing as an imposter, you are the king. You focus on killing all the crewmates while having a low profile.


You are most likely always the cutthroat imposter who is thirsty for blood. The villain within you takes over and you sabotage everything to get the victory. As a crewmate, you like to be the lone and aggressive detective. You follow other players into rooms just to see what they are doing. Sometimes, you peek into Medbay to see who is doing the scan. You know exactly who did the asteroid shooting task. Your suspicions, mostly, come true.

This is what the Among Us colors mean and what they say about you. Do you like to wear fancy hats in this game? Then find out what does your Among Us Hat say about you.