What Do Most People Really Think Of The Hat You Wear In Among Us

Hats mean something, they are not just decorative. Want to know what people think about your hat in Among Us?

Hats in Among Us are more than just decorative items in the game, they even reflect your personality. Hats often reveal things about your personality without you even having you say a single word to other players.

Let’s take a deep dive into what each hat in Among Us means to everyone and what they reveal about the person wearing them. You do want to customize your character on how your personality is and hats are just one of the many ways to do that.

What Does Each Hat Mean In Among Us

Before you cover up the astronaut’s head in a decorative hat just for the lolz, why not give it a thought about the things that your apparel can say about you.

Party Hat

What Does Each Hat Mean In Among Us

Part Hat wearers are the life of the discussion phase, while they’re often aloof party hat wearers will often take the discussions to a completely different track and derail the situation. A great tactic to use if you’re the Impostor, otherwise, it can become annoying and people might vote you off.

Bat Hat

What Does Each Hat Mean In Among Us


Bat Hat tells everyone that you’re the silent type, maybe a rich orphan billionaire who lost their parents in an alley while leaving the theater and now you’re trying to avenge their deaths by defeating crime wherever you see. Even in Among Us.

Knife in Head

What Does Each Hat Mean In Among Us

Knife in Head tells everyone that you embrace death with open arms or are just dead within. Even though the person might have a dark sense of humor they’re always tons to make jokes about and there’s never a stop. It also tells that your frontal cortex is damaged and that you cannot process things and just say them out loud.

Devil Horns

What Does Each Hat Mean In Among Us

Devil Horns are worn by not worshippers of Satan but by ACDC fans, long live Rock n Roll and so shall their energy. The life of the party and the most mischievous type, if they’re the imposter get ready for a game of twists and turns until the very end.

Dum Sticky Note

What Does Each Hat Mean In Among Us

The humble type who will kill you without hesitation, a very calculated personality that likes being the underdog or the fact that you just know you’re not very sharp and embrace it completely. Fun people to be around can be deceiving or simply just honest. You’ll never know.

Tall Hat

What Does Each Hat Mean In Among Us

The Tall Hat is similar to that of Elmer J Fudd and it shows that you’re still young at heart. It shows that you do not take things seriously and that you’d rather be having fun instead of taking responsibilities.

Army Beret

What Does Each Hat Mean In Among Us

Completely serious and no-nonsense type, playing a game with these types of people can be a bit dull but they can surprise you by learning the entire layout of the map and knowing the location and movement of every other character. Or am I just reading way too much into hats?

Shiny Hair

What Does Each Hat Mean In Among Us

Elvis impersonator or just himself back to approve of all the conspiracies, you love all the classical things in life and appreciate the golden period in human history that has already passed us.

Ninja Mask

What Does Each Hat Mean In Among Us

This can mean to a lot of people that you’re still not out of the Anime phase and that it still has a heavy domain over you. The Ninja Mask wearers are just like Ninjas, silent, calm, and can strike at any moment.

Toilet Paper Hat

What Does Each Hat Mean In Among Us

The toilet paper hat tells everyone that you’re not in control of your actions and you let the situation decide what happens next. Fun to be around but not so fun to be. Do you catch my drift?

While this article is far from being complete we will be adding more hats to our list and letting you know what do most people when you wear a certain hat in Among Us.

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