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Among Us: What Does Cap, GG & AFK Mean?

New players are wondering what does Cap, GG and AFK means in Among Us. We answer your questions in this guide!

Among Us has proven to be record breaking and ground breaking in many ways. People who aren’t into gaming have stepped into the world of Among Us and are enjoying every moment of it. But new players are unaware of some in-game lingo that other players are using. Naturally, it can make you confused. Since you have to be a smart communicator in this game, you have to ensure that you understand everything that is being said (or typed). While discussing, you may come across the terms “No Cap”, “AFK” and “GG” abbreviations. So, what does Cap, AFK and GG mean in Among Us specifically? Find out right here.


What Does “No Cap” or “Cap” Mean in Among Us?


Cap in Among Us is a slang word which means “lie”. If someone wants to say that you are lying, they will say “you’re capping” in the chat. It indicates that they don’t believe you or your justification. Similar to “sus”, this is yet another term that has been used in Among Us matches but it has been around for way longer. In case someone blames you, you can try to convince them and others by typing “No cap” along with your explanation. You can follow our tips to be the best imposter and crewmate if you want to know how to tackle such situations well.

Are you already an advanced player? Then you will love our imposter pro tips. We hope this clears your doubt of what does Cap mean in Among Us. Now, let’s move to the other question which is…

What does GG mean in Among Us?

The meaning of GG is “Good Game”. When someone sends this to you after the game ends or is about to end, they are appreciating your style of playing. You may encounter this message when you have played a nice game as an imposter or have discovered the hidden imposter brilliantly. In this social deduction game, things can change at any moment and playing a good game that helps you win is definitely worthy of encouragement. This abbreviation has been around since years and if you play other games, you will see it there as well.


What does AFK mean in Among Us?

Well, when someone is AFK, they are “away from keyboard”. If you see a player standing at one location for a long time in Among Us, they might be AFK temporarily. Or it could be their strategy before they kill an unsuspecting player. But either way, AFK stands for inactive players and this terms is used in other games too.

This is what all these shortened words stand for. With that cleared up, are you wondering what does Sus and Cyan Mean in Among Us? We’ve explained the true meaning of these words in our linked articles so go ahead and check them out right away.