Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Vagn Glitch: How To Fix River Raid Bug

Getting a Vagn glitch where you are not getting the necessary interaction from him? Check out how to fix the Vagn glitch in AC Valhalla River Raids.

While playing the River Raid game mode in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, players are coming across a glitch with the character Vagn. In this bug, they are unable to interact with Vagn to see his Store or Customize the ship. You may get a dialogue from this NPC but apart from that nothing else happens. This occurs despite getting the clues from River Exe and Severn but players are not able to return the clues to him. How to fix this Vagn bug? Get the solution here.

How To Fix Vagn Glitch In AC Valhalla (River Raid Bug)

how to fix vagn bug river raids

Those players who are not able to speak to Vagn can try this fix to see if it solves the problem you are facing.

  1. Start the River Raid.
  2. Exit without doing anything.
  3. Go back to the Settlement.
  4. Vagn will interact with you and tell you that you have a new river on the map.

This is a possible fix that you can try to see if you are able to get the right interaction from Vagn. You can also attempt to save and reload to check if the Vagn glitch gets solved.

That is pretty much everything that is known about this bug. We hope Ubisoft patches this out as soon as possible but thankfully, this update has been fairly bug-free compared to the previous Yule Season update relating to the Yule Festival.

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