How to Build & Upgrade River Dock in AC Valhalla?

Want to know what happens if you unlock River Raid Expansion?

River Raid is the new thing in AC Valhalla after a recent title update. The new activity unlocks an entirely unique map where you with a handful of allies sail to raid military bases, villages, and settlements. By raiding you can earn exclusive gears and rewards. AC Valhalla River Raid is huge and comes with a few set of rules. One of them the River Dock building. In this guide, you will learn everything associated with River Dock expansion and why it matters?

How to build River Dock?

AC Valhala Build River Dock

River Dock building is added to your settlement with some new faces. Interacting with them allows you to play River Dock missions. A new map shows up on the screen showing you tiny and big islands. Each of them has some kind of settlement, village, or military base.

Run the latest update to unlock River Dock in AC Valhalla. It is added automatically to the settlement. You don’t really need any resources to build the River Dock in Valhalla. Just talk to the NPC to unlock the Map. Missions are listed in the journal, the objective of the river raid is clear. Sail to the location and attack the settlements.

How to Upgrade Jomsviking Hall?

AC Valhala Jomsviking Hall

After playing a few raids you will have to build a house for the Jomsviking. They are your allies who will be sailing with you on every raid. You can build Jomsviking Hall after unlocking the River Dock. Below is the required to build the hall.

  • 100 Foreign Supplies

After storing up 100 Foreign Supplies you will be able to access the Jomsviking hall. You can then hire the warriors who can help you with tougher raids. You can upgrade the Jomsviking Hall by looting for Foreign Supplies.

  • Expansion 1: 200 Foreign Supplies.
  • Expansion 2: 600 Foreign Supplies.

The first expansion will offer you Rank 1 and Rank 2 warriors. Upper-rank warriors are way more powerful than the regular ones. They can kill faster and take down enemies faster. If you are able to loot 600 Foreign Supplies you can unlock Rank 2 and Ran 3 Jomsviking.

Just walk towards the hall and interact with the sign to upgrade it. It is as simple, all you have to do keep raiding to grab as much as loot possible. A standard raid offers you between 10 to 40 foreign loot. You can get more in tougher places like military settlements.

To help you more here is a link to our Assassins Creed Valhalla Wiki. Check the River Raid section for more tips and tricks on the new DLC content.