River Raids Mode Rewards In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

What rewards do you get in River Raids mode?

With Title Update 1.1.2, Assassin’s Creed sees the addition of a new game mode, The River Raids. This is a free update for the game and allows players chances to earn many rewards in-game. The new River Raids mode is essentially a more challenging endurance mode. You can have a look at How to Start The River Raids Mode. This guide will tell you what Rewards are available in the River Raids Mode in AC Valhalla.

AC Valhalla River Raid Mode Rewards

What rewards are available in AC Valhalla
What rewards does Vagn give?

With the new update, you can now receive many new rewards in-game. As a player, you will have to go up against hostile enemies at military encampments and monasteries.

As you look around the game you will want to visit Vagn. You will be able to find him at the River Raids dock. Vagn will have with him a stockpile of new items. However, Vagn will only trade for a specific currency and this is where it gets interesting. He deals in only Foreign Currency. This Foreign Currency is exclusive to the River Raid modes and is obtained when you raid the Foreign Cargo Chests. So it makes sense to complete as many of the River Raid events as possible.

Here are the rewards that Vagn has for sale

Tattoo Cosmetics

(150 Foreign Supplies Each)

  • Jomsviking Scheme (Arms)
  • Jomsviking Scheme (Back)
  • Jomsviking Scheme (Head)
  • Jomsviking Scheme (Chest)

Longship Cosmetics

(200 Foreign Supplies Each)

  • Jomsviking Figurehead Scheme
  • Jomsviking Hull Scheme
  • Jomsviking Sails Scheme
  • Jomsviking Shields Scheme
  • Jomsviking Tailpiece Scheme

This guide was everything that you needed to know about What River Raid Rewards were available at Vagn’s Wares at the River Raid Docks along the banks of Ravensthorpe in AC Valhalla. While you are here you can even check out Where to Find River Dee Treasures and  How to Get St. George’s Sword.