Zelda Breath of the Wild Shrine Location Guide – All 120 Shrines Location

Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild has more than 100 shrines scattered all around the massive map. Refer the guide to find shrines region-wise scattered all over the map.

Zelda Breath of the Wild is a massive open-world game. Finding Shrine is one of the important tasks in the game and every region has some of them. To help you in locating them here is a region-wise location of all shrines in different regions of Zelda Breath of the Wild. The map is divided into 12 regions, I am going to share the most accurate location of each shrine. If you are in that region for example Great Hyrule Forest, using this guide you can find all 5 shrines in the region.

Zelda Breath of the Wild All Shrine Locations

Before starting it is best to go region-wise, for example, Central Hyrule is a massive region in the center of the map. Gerudo is on the South-west corner, Akkala on North-east, etc.

Great Plateau Shrine locations

Great Plateau is a mountain region and some of the shrines are hard to access. You will have to walk through snowy mountains and use torches to light up dark areas. There are two meals that can help you to deal with the cold. Spicy Meat and Seafood Fry Meal. Keep this in your inventory.

Also while on your way if you find the old man in the cottage give him a meal and you will unlock Warm Doublet. This will help you to deal with the cold. Continuing the shrine location here is where you can find all shrines in the Great Plateau.

  1. Keh Namut – Cryonis Trial
  2. Owa Daim – Stasis Trial
  3. Ja Baij – Bomb Trial
  4. Oman Au – Magnesis Trial

Necluda Shrine locations

Necluda is a huge place it has a west and east area with over 11 shrines in the region. So here is the list of all shrines in the eastern and western regions of Necluda.

Eastern Necluda:

  1. Bosh Kala – Hylia river, near Proxim Bridge.
  2. Wahgo Katta – It is next to the Riverside Stable.
  3. Hila Rao – You can find this shrine in Watch out for the Flowers from Magda Quest. Just find your way through Flower Maze to locate it.
  4. Shee Venath – Climb up on the top of a mountain and then jump. Glide towards the entrance.
  5. Ree Dahee – Look for Dueling peaks close to the river.
  6. Shee Vaneer – Located across Shee Venath on the highest peak in the area. Carry Warm Doublet.
  7. Ha Dahamar – It is near to the stable.
  8. Kam Urog – Complete The Cursed Statue Shrine Quest.
  9. Ta’loh Naeg – It is located inside Kakariko Village.
  10. Daka Tuss – It is easy to find, you can locate this shrine from distance while in the eastern region.
  11. Toto Sah – The shrine is inside a sealed stone structure. You have to drop a bomb in the river, and detonate when its near to the sealed door.
  12. Lakna Rokee – To unlock this shrine you will have to complete various quest.
    1. Complete Hetano Village – Unlock Champions Tunic.
    2. Complete Flown the Coop – Find Cucos for Guard Cado.
    3. Complete Firefly’s Light Quest
    4. Complete Find the Fairy Fountains.
    5. Complete the Stolen Heirloom Quest.

Western Necluda:

  1. Myahm Agana – Look on the top of the hill at the entrance of Hateno Village.
  2. Muwo Jeem – It is located on a mountain peak, hard to miss.
  3. Chaas Qeta – Look for a small Tenoko Island. You can glide down it from the above Muwo Jeem Shrine.
  4. Korgu Chideh – In the Southeast corner look for Eventide Island.
  5. Kah Yah – Complete Quest a Fragmented Monument. Talk to Garini in Palmorae Ruines.
  6. Tawa Jin – On the top of mountains in plateau between you will have to locate three ponds. They are Handy Pond, Rabella Wetlands and Uteh Marsh. Look for 5 large bones and 3 pressure plates. Defeat the 3 guards and take the spheres and place them on the plates.

Faron Shrine locations

Faron Grasslands or Faron is located on the South of Necluda, it is easy to find spot and has around 9 Shrines in the region. Below are all Zelda Breath of Wild shrine location in Faron.

  1. Shoda San – The shrine is situated behind Riola Spring Waterfall. Look for a hidden path next to the waterfall for entering the shrine area.
  2. Qukah Nata –
  3.  Qukah Nata – Find Kass to unlock quest A Song of Storms. He is located on high hills next to Calora Lake. To tackle the rain problem us Cryonis Rune on the waterfall. Find Kass complete the quest and on the way to complete the same you will find the shrine.
  4.  Shai Utoh – Go to Ubota Point and find a door behind the stable located on the ground floor. Break the stone structure and enter the cave.
  5. Pumaag Nitae – Search between Finra Wood and Pagos Wood.
  6. Ka’o Makagh – Search on the hill area above the stable.
  7. Shae Katha –  It is located behind the statue of Godess Hulia in Spring of Courage. The statue is located on norht side of Draozu Lake.
  8. Ya Naga – Go to Hylia Lake, located in the center of Hylia Island. Turn northwest from the Lake Tower and glide down.
  9. Ishto Soh – Go to the Davl Peaks and paraglide in the east direction from the mountains.
  10. Shoqa Tatone – Unlock Guardian Slideshow Shrine Quest. For this you have to find Loone who is on the north-west of Puffer Beach. You will have to capture pictures of 3 Guardians. A small one, a flying guardian and a walking one. Grab the orb and place it on the mound.

This guide is under construction stay tuned for more updates. More regions of shrine locations will be updated soon.