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Genshin Impact Pinecone Locations – Where To Find

Here are the Genshin Impact Pinecone Locations.

If you are wondering where to get Pinecones in Genshin Impact, this guide will give you the best Pine Cone locations where you can farm them. You may need this item to craft items like Mondstadt Hash Brown, Sauteed Matsutake and even need it to give Liben during the Marvelous Merchandise event. So, here are the best locations to get Pinecones easily.

Where to Find Genshin Impact Pinecone Locations for Farming

where to get pine cones

You will find Pinecones in Genshin Impact beneath Fir trees. You can look for them using Elemental Sight in the locations of Qingce village, Stormbearer Mountains and Wolvendom. Out of these, the Qingce Village bridge is the quickest way to obtain Pine cones but in other locations, you have to specifically look out for Fir trees to find them below on the ground.

where to find pine cones genshin impact

pine cone farming location

To farm Pine cones, head to the Qingce Village Bridge in the location shown in the above image and that’s where you will find a lot of of them. Secondly, you have find more of them (up to 10) near the Stormbearer Mountains as you head to the Anemo Hypostasis boss. And lastly, in Wolvendom, you will find Pine cones all over the area so go ahead and explore.

How to Use Pine Cones in Genshin Impact

You can prepare the following recipes with the ingredients including Pine Cones in Genshin Impact:

Sauteed Matsutake

  • Matsutake x3
  • Flour x3
  • Pinecone x2
  • Butter x2

Mondstadt Hash Brown

  • Pinecone x2
  • Potato x1
  • Jam x1

Puppy-Paw Hash Brown

Marvelous Merchandise Liben Request

When you give Liben a Pinecone as he requested, you will obtain rewards in exchange. Liben won’t just ask for one item, he will ask for multiple. So, if you are searching for the other materials to give to Liben, here are their farming locations: