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Where To Find Potato Location In Genshin Impact

Here's how to obtain Potato in Genshin Impact. With these shop locations, you'll know where to find Potatoes & buy them.

Yet another cooking ingredient that you will need in Genshin Impact is the Potato. You can prepare a lot of tasty food with this item which is described as a “chunky vegetable” which offers a “offers a multitude of cooking methods”. You can find it in the wild while you are exploring but can you purchase it from a particular location? Where to find Potato in Genshin Impact exactly? Look no further, our guide will help you out.

Where Can I Find Potato in Genshin Impact?


To find potatoes, you must head over to the Mondstadt General Goods shop and Second Life in Liyue Harbor. The vendors in these shops have a wide variety of cooking ingredients that you can buy in bulk. Plus, the items restock daily so you can visit them if you need some more ingredients. A potato costs 120 Mora and the daily limit is 100. You can also purchase Onion, Milk, Tomato, Wheat and more.


Which are the Cooking Recipes Using Potato?

  • Barbatos Ratatouille – Get 4 Onions with the help of this guide.
  • Mondstadt Hash Brown – Here’s where to find the 2 Pinecones you need.
  • Satisfying Salad – This recipe uses Bird Egg and Apple, check our linked guides to know where to find them.
  • “Pile ‘Em Up” – Need Raw meat and Small Lamp Grass? We’ve got you covered!
  • Golden Shrimp Balls – Know how to get Shrimp Meat.
  • Supreme Wisdom (Life)
  • Puppy-Paw Hash Brown
  • A Buoyant Breeze
  • “Once Upon a Time in Mondstadt”

That’s everything on where to find and how to get potatoes in Genshin Impact. For more resource farming guides, simply search the name of the item in the search bar and get your answer right away. Or, you can head over to our Genshin Impact wiki for more hidden tricks, puzzle solutions, plus tons of help with quests and side quests.