How To Obtain Bird Eggs In Genshin Impact

By Nikita
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Bird Egg in Genshin Impact is an ingredient that you can use to craft various items like Tea Break Pancake, Teyvat Fried Egg, Satisfying Salad and more. If you are looking for the best location to get Bird Eggs in Genshin Impact, we will show you where to find them. Plus, find out all the craftable items and the amount of materials you need to make them in this guide.

How to Get Bird Eggs in Genshin Impact (Location Guide)

Bird Eggs can be found in the wild of Genshin Impact’s world. Mostly, you will find them on trees or any location that is at a height such as mountains or tall buildings, especially in secluded places. Sometimes, you can even get bird egg if you attack some bushes with a melee weapon. This ingredient is described as a ‘versatile’ that gives you protein so here’s where to find bird egg location in Genshin Impact.

Bishui Plain, Liyue


Head to the marked location on the map by teleporting and look for trees. Use your melee weapon to attack the tree trunk and you can farm bird eggs in this way. If you want, you can even climb up on trees to get the eggs from nests. We hope that this exact location will save your time and help you collect eggs easily.

How to Use Bird Eggs

These are all the recipes that include Bird Egg as an ingredient.

  • Teyvat Fried Egg: 1 Bird Egg
  • Tea Break Pancake: 3 Berry, 2 Flour, 1 Bird Egg
  • Satisfying Salad: 2 Cabbage, 2 Apple, 1 Bird Egg, 1 Potato
  • Lotus Seed and Bird Egg Soup: 1 Lotus Head, 1 Bird Egg, 1 Sugar

To help you further, we have linked the guides which explain how to get or farm that particular ingredient, so head over to those articles for more in-depth info. Plus, we’ve got loads of guides that will unlock hidden items in our Genshin Impact Wiki.

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