Where to Find Jack Frost Dolls in Persona 3 Reload (Location)

One of Elizabeth’s requests is to get her 3 Jack Frost Dolls in Persona 3 Reload, but if you’ve searched high and low in various shops and haven’t found this item, the actual location to be at is the Paulownia Mall. There’s a short minigame you have to complete, so here’s a step-by-step guide on where to find Jack Frost Dolls to complete the objective.

Where to Get Jack Frost Dolls in P3R

Fast travel to the Paulownia Mall and check the right side section of the map to find the Crane game. It should be just in front of the Game Parade Shop. You have to play the Crane game to win the Jack Frost doll as a prize.

where to find jack frost doll p3r elizabeth request
Location to find a Jack Frost Doll

Getting 3 of them will require luck and a bit of money. What you have to do is ‘Check’ the Crane game and spend 200 Yen to play it. You may not win a Jack Frost Doll on your first attempt so, you need to keep spending money and play the Crane game to finally win 3 of the Dolls.

You can select the option to ‘Play until you win a prize’ and forward the animation to speed things up. In case you’re short of cash, you can come back later when you’ve collected more Yen. To make a quick buck, you can do a part time job at Chagall Cafe to earn some money, and you can keep selecting the Money card during Shuffle Time when you’re at Tartarus.

how to get jack frost dolls in persona 3 reload
Give Jack Frost Dolls to Elizabeth to complete this request

Once you’ve collected all 3 Jack Frost Dolls in P3R, go back to Elizabeth who will be standing in front of the Velvet Room in the Paulownia Mall location, and complete the request. She will have something to say about the item, after which she will give you x3 Twilight Fragments which is a pretty sweet reward for a simple task like this one.

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