How Twilight Fragments Work In Persona 3 Reload And Uses Explained

Played the original Persona 3 but wondering what Twilight Fragments are as it never had them. Here is how you can get & use them in P3R.

Persona 3 Reload is not just a simple remake but the developers have added several new things for players to enjoy. When it comes to some of these features, it won’t matter if you are new to the series or someone who has played the past games. Twilight Fragments is one of those that you will most likely appreciate and even find very useful. However, the catch is there aren’t exactly many ways to get them let alone farm them. So here you can not only find the different sources where you can find them but also some of their uses.

How to Get Twilight Fragments in Persona 3 Reload

How To Get Twilight Fragments In Persona 3 Reload
Image Credits: Sky’s Gaming Academy on YouTube. Getting Twilight Fragments outside school in P3R.

The 3 most reliable ways to get it are:

  • Destroy objects in Tartarus: While you are in Tartarus you will often come across several breakable objects. Destroy them and there is a chance they may drop Twilight Fragments. While they aren’t guaranteed, it is still a good way to farm them while you are exploring.
  • Explore different locations: During the day you get free time after school, and you can spend this for checking out the game’s world. Occasionally, you can find blue glowing crystal-like light on the ground. Make sure you grab them if one catches your eye as it is nothing but a Twilight Fragment.
  • Make Social Links: Each time you make a new social link you can talk to Elizabeth to get Twilight Fragments as a reward for her. You can find her in the Velvet room.

A word of advice, be sure to save up on these fragments at least in the early game. Since they are found randomly, it is easy to use them recklessly without replenishing what you spend. So it can become a problem later when you really need them but don’t have any left.

How to Use Twilight Fragments

How To Use P3R Twilight Fragments
Image Credits: Sky’s Gaming Academy on YouTube. Using Twilight Fragments to open locked chests.

There are mainly two known uses for Twilight Fragments in P3R.

  • Opening Chests: Certain chests in this game cannot be opened directly. You can identify these by the red circles on the front. There is a fixed number of fragments you have to spend on them and you can find that out after interacting with them. Typically, the more fragments you need to open it, the better the rewards you can expect from inside.
  • Activating Tartarus Clock: On the first floor of the Tartarus you can find a clock. Interact with it and you have to spend 7 Twilight Fragments to activate it. Now you can use the clock to refill the HP and SP of you and your party. You should use this feature before fighting particularly difficult Shadows.

That is all for how the new Twilight Fragments work in this game. If you wasted these fragments and are about to start a new game then you should check out our guide on which difficulty to choose. Aside from that if you need help on other topics of this game then don’t forget to check our Persona 3 Reload section!