Which Difficulty Should You Choose In Persona 3 Reload? – All Difficultly Settings Explained

Wondering which difficulty option you need to select in Persona 3 Reload? Here’s a list that will help you select the best setting that will complement your playstyle.

Persona 3 Reload is filled with all the features you are looking for in an RPG. The compelling combat, powerful characters, and stunning visuals are just some of the many aspects of this game. That being said, players will want to fully experience this game and its features without any limitations and hindrances, with respect to their playstyle.

As a result, many players are wondering which difficulty setting they need to pick. If you need help selecting the best option or want to know more about all the five different difficult settings this game offers and how it can affect your gaming experience, here is everything you need to know.

All Persona 3 Reload Difficulty Options Explained

Explaining the five Difficulty Modes in Persona 3 Reload
Explaining the five Difficulty Modes in Persona 3 Reload (Image – ATLUS)

Peaceful Difficulty Mode

This difficulty setting, which has been previously titled ‘Beginner’ or ‘Safe’ is the best option if you are new to this video-game series. Although Person 3 Reload still has some of the basic game mechanics that were present in the previous titles, a ton of new fresh content has been added. Therefore, if you haven’t played it before, this is the best beginner-friendly option you can use.

Easy Difficulty Mode

This option is highly recommended for players who want to focus on enjoying the various events that take place and want to fully experience different aspects of the storyline. Additionally, the combat will also be easier as compared to the other settings, because the enemies you encounter won’t be too dangerous and you will be able to easily defeat them.

Normal Difficulty Mode

If you have played any of the previous titles before and want to experience all the game’s different features, this is the best option for you. Although it is noticeably one level higher than the Easy difficulty option, the battles will be considerably tougher. However, you will also be able to focus on the storyline, simultaneously.

Hard Difficulty Mode

In case you have played Persona 3 and have either completed it once or several times, you will be well aware of how the game works and the basic features it offers. Consequently, if you fit into this category, the Hard difficulty option will be the best setting you can choose. This is because this particular mode will consist of intense combat and your character will also face some extreme challenges.

Merciless Difficulty Mode

This mode is for the players who are fully prepped and confident to face the ultimate challenge. Once activated, the enemies you encounter will deal a ton of damage, due to this the combat will be extremely difficult and challenging. Once you select this option, you can switch to any other difficulty mode, however, you won’t be able to switch back to Merciless option again. Therefore, before you can choose this setting, make sure that you are well prepared.

How to Change Difficulty in Persona 3 Reload

The difficulty option you have selected can be changed after the opening scene. Here’s how you can carry out this process –

  • PC Users – Click on the ‘TAB’ key and open the menu. Select the ‘Config’ option and then look for the ‘Change Difficulty’ option. Once you have located it, you can change the settings according to your preference
  • Xbox Users – Press Y and open the game menu. From here, select the ‘Config’ option. Locate the ‘Change Difficulty’ and switch to the difficulty setting you want.
  • PlayStation Users – Press the Triangle button and open the menu. Now, choose the ‘Config’ option and scroll down to find the ‘Change Difficulty’ option. From here, select the difficulty mode you want.

This is everything you need to know if you want to select the perfect difficulty settings to fully experience all the features of this game. If you want to know more about this game, make sure to check out our dedicated Persona 3 Reload section and find all informational guides, right here on Gamer Tweak.