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Remnant 2: Where Is All Seeing Eye And How To Get It

Use this infinite consumable item, All-Seeing Eye in Remnant 2 to get random buff or debuff.

All Seeing Eye of Remnant 2 is an infinite consumable item that gives you random buff or debuff. These buff and debuff can be anything from a decrease in consumable duration to an increase in Mad Generation. You never know what you will get, so if you are looking for a specific one, you can keep consuming it till you get the desired trait. This impressive item is tough to obtain. You must complete several tasks to get it, so read along and learn how and where to find this All-Seeing Eye.

How to Get All Seeing Eye in Remnant 2

How To Get All-Seeing Eye In Remnant 2

All Seeing Eye is given as a reward by the Oracle of the Dran in Brocwithe Quarter, Morrow Parish, or Forsaken Quarter. To get the reward, you have to find two lost children, defeat Quilt Bosses and complete Quilt Events. You will find lost children in the same area, just look around. You have to follow the kids, till they reach Oracle’s hideout to finish this task. Once they safely reach there, you can approach the Oracle, she will give you the Recovery trait. In that same room, you will see a quilt with all the 12 events and monsters to finish for the All-Seeing Eye reward in Remnant 2.

  • Complete Postulant Event
  • Kill The Nightweaver
  • Get Dria’s Anklet from Harvester’s Reach
  • Defeat Bloat King
  • Beat Magister Dullain
  • Council Tribunal
  • Tiller’s Rest
  • Defeat Gwendil the Unburnt
  • Beat Faelin/Faerin
  • Complete Feast Event
  • Defeat Red Prince
  • Complete the Burning Man Event

After you finish these Quilt tasks, again approach the Oracle. This time she will reward you with All Seeing Eye and some Scrap.

That’s all you have to do to get All Seeing Eye in Remnant 2. The game has many such unique items, so if you are interested, check the dedicated list for Remnant 2 guides. And if you are not sure where to start, read how to get Hardened Iron and Ionic Crystal.