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Remnant 2: How To Obtain Ionic Crystal And Craft Energy Wall

Our guide will show you how to get Ionic Crystal and craft Weapon Mod Energy Wall in Remnant 2.

Craft the Energy Wall with the Ionic Crystal of Remnant 2. The game has many interesting craftable materials and crafts like Energy Wall. This Weapon Mod is capable of hindering enemy projectiles. When you are fighting with allies and want to focus on attack, this will help you in defense. The mod allows allies to shoot through the wall but absorbs the enemy projectiles for up to 500 damage. It lasts for 30 seconds, which is enough to take them down or make them weaker.

Where to Find Ionic Crystal and Get Energy Wall in Remnant 2

Craft Energy Wall Remnant 2

Ionic Crystal is found in N’Erud – Timeless Horizon of the game. Apart from the one Ionic Crystal, you need five Lumenite Crystal and 500 Scrap to craft Energy Wall Weapon Mod with Ava McCabe.

N’Erud of Timeless Horizon is a vast area, so searching all places might take a lot of time. We recommend you first check near the escalator, many players have found it there. Once you have collected the Ionic Crystal, you should look for the Lumenite Crystal. In Remnant 2, this crystal can be found in Ward 13, the same area where Ava McCabe’s Workshop is. So after collecting the Lumenite Crystal, you can search and enter her workshop.

Now for the last material Scrap, it doesn’t need much introduction, as it is a primary currency of Remnant 2. You get them as drops, from chests, and as mission rewards. After you have collected the Lumenite Crystal, Scrap, and Ionic Crystal, do this to craft Energy Wall.

  • Talk to the McCabe in Ward 13.
  • Select “Can you craft something for me?“.
  • Check the Craft tab and choose Energy Wall.
  • Confirm the crafting and get this Weapon Mod.

With this, you can now get Ionic Crystal and craft Energy Wall in Remnant 2. If you are interested in more Remnant 2 guides, check out this dedicated list. And if you are looking for more interesting materials and craftables, then check the Nimue Crafting guide and learn how to get Void Heart Relic.