Remnant 2 Nimue Secret Items Crafting Guide

These are all the Nimue secret items and required materials in Remnant 2.

Use these Remnant 2 Nimue Crafting guide to forge weapons, relics, accessories, and more. Nimue is a merchant NPC whom you will find in Nimue’s retreat in Losomn. You can craft the listed secret items of the game by providing materials to Nimue. She is a unique character, that has many uses. She gives a quest, crafts weapons, and is crucial for obtaining Anamy’s Echo, needed for Crescent Moon Bow. So read along and learn about all the secret items and required materials.

All Items Nimue Crafts in Remnant 2

All Items Nimue Crafts In Remnant 2

Nimue can craft seven items: One True King Sigil, Nimue’s Ribbon, Hex Ward, Rune Pistol, Assassin’s Dagger, Tranquil Heart, and Faerie Needle.

Accessory Items to Craft

  • One True King Sigil – Amulet
    • Faelin’s Sigil: This ring is given by Faelin when you kill Faerin and report it to him.
    • Faerin’s Sigil: You get this ring by killing Faelin and reporting it to Faerin.
  • Nimue’s Ribbon – Ring
    • Golden Ribbon: To get this ribbon you have to tie the hands of the statue of two Faes holding hands in Council Chambers or Gilded Chambers with Plain Ribbon. You have to go out after tying their hands, and when you return, you will get the Golden Ribbon. Now, use this Remnant 2 material to craft Nimue’s Ribbon.
    • Silver Ribbon: You get this ribbon by tying the hands of two Faes holding hands in Shattered Gallery or The Great Hall with Plain Ribbon. And similar to Golden, you have to leave the place and re-enter to collect the Silver Ribbon.
  • Hex Ward – Ring
    • Lumenite Crystal: You will find this material in ward 13. And it can be dropped by Abberrations or purchased from Cass.

Weapons, Consumable, and Relics of Remnant 2 Nimue

  • Assassin’s Dagger – Melee Weapon
    • Assassin Dagger Jewel: Teal Jewel, Red Jewel, or Purple Jewel are the three types of Assassin’s Dagger Jewel you will find in the Council Tribunal.
  • Rune Pistol – Handgun
    • Decrepit Rune: You get this material by giving Ravenous Medallion to Nightweaver’s Web in Losomn – Morrow Parish. You will find Ravenous Medallion in the Kitchen area of the Great Hall in Losomn.
  • Tranquil Heart – Relic
    • Tormented Heart: Obtain this item by offering Override Pin to Nightweaver’s Web. You get Override Pin in one of the Timeless Horizon towers.
  • Faerie Needle – Consumable
    • You can buy this item from Nimue with 200 Scrap.

These were all the secret crafting items of Nimue in Remnant 2. If you are interested in this game, and looking for more Remnant 2 guides, then check out the link. You can start with the best Melee weapons and Plasma Cutter.