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How To Get Crescent Moon Bow In Remnant 2

Want one of the coolest long guns in Remnant 2? You should get yourself the Crescent Moon Bow.

If you plan to collect all the special long guns, then you must get the Crescent Moon Bow in Remnant 2. This is an excellent weapon for medium-range fights. Compared to many other weapons it is very powerful when it comes to its damage output. It can be upgraded up to level 10 to raise its damage to 261. You also get the Moonlight Barrage weapon mod that is exclusive to this gun. But since it is so useful you will need to work a bit to get your hands on it. As you need to collect several resources to craft it. So here is how you can Unlock the secret weapon Crescent Moon in Remnant 2.

How to Get Crescent Moon Long Gun in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 how to Get Crescent Moon Bow secret weapon

To get the Crescent Moon Bow, you have to give Anamy’s Echo to Ava. But to get that you will first need a Dreamcatcher as this won’t be possible without it:

  1. Start by getting yourself a Nightweaver Stone Doll. One of the best ways to get it is to collect 3x Stone-Carved Dolls and give it to the Head Doctor in the Asylum. You can also find it in other locations while exploring.
  2. Next, go to the Nightweaver’s Web in Morrow Parish. This place is in Losomn and can be found at the lowest level of the Asylum.
  3. Interact with the web and it will give you the option to offer it your quest items.
  4. Use Nightweaver Stone Doll here to get the Dreamcatcher.
  5. Now, go to Nimue’s retreat in Losomn.
  6. Next, use the Dreamcatcher on Nimue when she is asleep. It only works when she is sleeping. If she is awake then you can reset the area a few times until she goes to sleep.
  7. You should get Nimue’s dream (consumable item).
  8. Come back when she is awake and use Nimue’s dream to get teleported to a new area.
  9. You will reach Retreat’s Horizon an area filled with water.
  10. Run around while looking for a blue floating orb.
  11. Collect it and you will get Anamy’s Echo.
  12. Finally, go to Ava McCabe in Ward 13 and ask her to craft something for you.
  13. To craft Crescent Moon you need:
    • Anamy’s Echo x1
    • Lumenite Crystal x7
  14. Craft it and you will have your weapon.

After doing all that you should easily have your Crescent Moon Bow in Remnant 2. But this isn’t the only secret weapon in the game. If you want to collect more of these you should also check out how to get Sorrow handgun and Rune pistol. And for any other help on this game check out our Remnant 2 section.

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