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How To Get Assassin’s Dagger In Remnant 2 (Melee Weapon)

Here's a guide that will get you the Assassin's Dagger in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 players can craft the Assassin’s Dagger through Nimue if they manage to gather the necessary piece. Assassin’s Dagger is one of those melee weapons that players should not really miss out on especially because of its silent kills and passive abilities to damage bleeding enemies even more. Due to its high damage rate and lightweight, many players prefer using it. However, since there is no proper instruction on how to get it, they are confused.

How to Get Assassin’s Dagger in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Craft Assassin's Dagger

Remnant 2 players can craft the Assassin’s Dagger by heading to Nimue. They will have to first obtain either of the following items – the Assassin Dagger (Teal Jewel), Assassin Dagger (Red Jewel), or Assassin Dagger (Purple Jewel). Since all of these are quest items, you will get your hands on them during the Fae Council Event. Nevertheless, you can check out the exact locations where you will find them below.

The Assassin Dagger (Teal Jewel), Assassin Dagger (Red Jewel), and Assassin Dagger (Purple Jewel) can be found in the Council Tribunal, the dark world version of where you were before. Since they are quest items, they might differ for players since it is the evidence to find the right conspirator. Since the Dagger is stabbing the One True King, players will have to climb behind the throne in order to grab it.

While this dagger is part of the quest and will help players identify the culprit who among the Fae Council was the Imposter and betrayed the One True King, they can also take it to Nimue and craft the Assassin’s Dagger in Remnant 2. They will then be able to use the silent killer once equipped. Since it is quite a handy weapon, we suggest that players get this done as soon as possible.

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