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Remnant 2 Plasma Cutter – How To Get Secret Weapon

Check out this guide to know how you can get one of the special weapons the Plasma Cutter in Remnant 2 and deal extensive damage to your enemies.

If you want to deal extensive damage with your primary weapon in closed-ranged combat, then there is no need to look further than the Secret Plasma Cutter in Remnant 2. It is one of the secret long guns that players will come across on their quest of saving the world. And while it may not come across like a weapon with high damage caliber, rest assured with its magazine capacity and unique mod you will find this to be one of the best weapons in the game. Although as mentioned earlier, it is one of the special and secret weapons that players can find throughout the different worlds in Remnant 2. So if you are looking to get the long gun in your inventory, check out this guide to know how you can unlock it in the game.

How to Get Secret Plasma Cutter in Remnant 2

get plasma cutter long gun in remnant 2

Players can find and get the secret Plasma Cutter from the Navigation Room in Remnant 2. You will come across the room while exploring the world of N’erud in the game. Because of the more randomize progression players will have to explore the world accordingly:

  1. Players will be able to immediately point out the huge crashed spaceship in N’erud.
  2. Once you are near the spaceship, navigate your way through the side and find a hole.
  3. You can then enter the big hole and explore it from the inside.
  4. You will identify the room when you will come across the control hub. Besides the control hub and pilot seat, you will also find a locked door in the game.
  5. Inside the locked door you will find the Secret Plasma Cutter in Remnant 2.
  6. However, to open the door, players will need the Navigator’s Helm to successfully pass the face recognition required.
  7. Once you get your hands on the head armor, players can equip it and walk toward the door in the Navigation Room.
  8. After which the door will be unlocked with the right Face ID thanks to the Helm.
  9. You can then head inside the room and grab the secret Plasma Cutter long gun in Remnant 2.

After acquiring the long gun, players can upgrade it further up to level 10. You will need the right crafting materials like Lumenite Crystals, Scrap, etc to do so in the game. The Plasma Cutter comes inbuilt with the Heat Sink weapon mod in Remnant 2. The mod reduces the heat generated by the gun by 50% which makes it even more effective in the game. Players can target a specific enemy with the gun to deal heavy damage per second in closed-ranged combat.

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