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How To Get Merciless Long Gun In Remnant 2

Merciless, a Long Gun with unforgiving Damage leaves enemies with a Blood Loss status effect in Remnant 2. Here's how you can craft it for yourself.

Merciless is a Long Gun in Remnant 2 that deals massive damage to the opponent. This mid-range beast can inflict a Bleeding Status Effect that causes damage over time. For players who are looking to wreak havoc on enemies, this is so far the best option you have got. However, Merciless is not something that is readily available to you. Instead, you will have to collect materials and craft it. Things can get a bit trickier here, so here’s how you can unlock the Merciless Long Gun for yourself.

How to Craft Merciless Long Gun in Remnant 2

How to Craft Merciless Long Gun in Remnant 2

Merciless can be crafted at the McCabe Store using the following crafting materials:

  • x1 Crimson Membrane
    • Dropped by the Corrupted Ravager in Ravager’s Liar, Yaesha. During this segment, you must shoot the Ravager when it asks you to kill the Doe. And in between the fight, let Ravager eat doe so you can get the Crimson Membrane at the end.
  • x7 Lumenite Crystal
    • Can be bought for 300 Scrap at Cass
  • x650 Scrap
    • Dropped after defeating enemies

Once you have all these 3 items, head over to McCabe’s and craft the Merciless Long gun to finally be able to use it in Remnant 2.

Merciless Weapon Mod

Unlike most weapons, Merciless comes with an auto-equipped Weapon Mod known as the Bloodline. This Mod can not be removed and can only be found attached to this Long Gun. With this Mod online, Merciless deals 150 DMG with a Critical DMG Bonus of 25% and x3 extra Stagger. Moreover, this Mod increases DMG by 50% for each enemy pierced with Merciless.

That’s all you need to know about the Merciless Long Gun in Remnant 2. If you enjoyed reading it, then make sure to check out other guides on getting the Secret Rune Piston, Assassin’s Dagger, and the Enigma Handgun. And for more such content, you can take a look at our Remnant 2 section right here at Gamer Tweak.