Where To Farm Weltcap In Mortal Shell

There is a location where you can easily farm Weltcap in Mortal Shell

Weltcap is one of the easily accessible healing items available in Mortal Shell. Learning where to farm Weltcap in Mortal Shell will help you restore health occasionally allowing you to stay longer in the game. Farming Weltcap; however, is not at all easy as there are dangerous enemies standing on your path. You can farm them across the game, but there is a spot where you can easily get a huge amount of Weltcap without putting in much effort. So, here’s your guide on where to farm Weltcap in Mortal Shell.

Where to Farm Weltcap in Mortal Shell?

The simple answer to this question is the starting area of the game. The areas around and within the Fallgrim Tower are the best locations to farm Weltcap in Mortal Shell. Why is that so? Well, that’s because the red mushrooms you are looking for are quite nearby in these areas. Another advantage of farming Weltcap healing items here is that since it is the very beginning stage of the game, the enemies that you come across here are much less powerful than others. This makes the areas around and within the Fallgrim Tower the best ones to farm Weltcap.

Another thing to note here is that the Weltcaps are respawned in the game every five minutes. You can collect the healing items from one area head on to the others and return back to the same place after five minutes to get some more Weltcaps.

Collecting Weltcaps through these small runs will help a lot in all your future endeavors. If this sounds time-consuming, you can learn how to fast travel in Mortal Shell to save some time.

Apart from knowing how to and where to farm Weltcaps in Mortal Combat, you should also know how to open the locked chests in the game. These locked chests contain various valuable items that can be used to upgrade your character’s stats. There’s much more to discover in the game such as Forbidden Offering and Ballistazooka. Keep playing, keep discovering!