How To Get The Ballistazooka In Mortal Shell

Ballistazooka is a weapon in Mortal Shell that fires Large Bold ammunition.

Hey… do you know what Ballistazooka is? For the unversed, it is a weapon in Mortal Shell that fires Large Bold ammunition. If you don’t know how to get Ballistazooka in Mortal Shell then don’t worry, this guide will explain how to get Ballistazooka in Mortal Shell.

Purchase Tools From Vlas

In order to repair Ballistazooka in Mortal Shell, you are required to purchase a key item called Tools from the merchant in the Fallgrim Tower named Vlas. To get Vlas, you will have to head toward the bell tower and then head up the stairs next to the bell. There, you will see Vlas has setup his shop.

Notably, you will have to spend 8,000 Tar to purchase Tools. You also have an option to get Tools by farming enemies.

Repair Ballistazooka at Workbench

Once you purchased Tools from Vlas, now it is time to heard towards the Workbench in the Fallgrim Tower and choose the Repair Ballistazooka option. Hold the upgrade button until the circle completes. Once the upgrade process is completed, you will get the Ballistazooka ranged weapons. 

Is the Ballistazooka Worth It?

No… it is not worth to spend 8,000 Tar in Mortal Shell. There are various reasons for which we would not recommend to purchase Ballistazooka and one of them is it fires a single bolt at a time before it get re-loaded.

It takes a long reload time to get released, leaving you wide open to be attacked. The best thing about this weapon is it looks good when you carry it and run around the game. We would recommend you to buy Ballistazooka only if you have a lot of currency to burn.

It does not make sense to shelve 8,000 Tar to get Ballistazooka repaired in Mortal Shell.

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