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Mortal Shell beginner’s guide : 7 best tips and tricks to survive the Hostile world

Here Are 7 Best Mortal Shell Tips and Tricks For Beginners

The much awaited Mortal Shell is finally out and you must be looking for its tips and tricks to score good. This video game is widely compared to the Dark Soul’s franchise as it is one of the toughest role-playing video game. Apart from best Mortal Shell tips and tricks, you can check out our guide on Mortal Shell all shell location.


Here are 10 best Mortal Shell tips and tricks for beginners

1. Use Harden to Harden you skin


There is a tutorial explaining how to use Harden and dodges properly but it is quite important to know their importance. The Harden ability helps you harden your skin and protect you from enemies attack. However, it will only block one attack leaving you in vulnerable condition to combos.

The best thing about Harden is you can use it at anytime. It does not matter whether you are attacking or rolling, once you activate Harden, it hardens your skin in instantly.

When you start playing Mortal Shell, you will realize how difficult is to manage your stamina in the game. Make sure to check how much stamina your are using by keeping a tab on the yellow bar located at the bottom left corner. Otherwise, you will be dead.


2. How to Parry Enemy Attacks

Don’t know how to parry in Mortal Shell? Here’s all you need to know. Parrying in Mortal Shell is the best way to manage stamina and prevent an incoming attack. If you successfully parry an attack, you will have enough energy to attack back if you have enough “Resolve”.

You must be wondering what Resolve is? It is nothing but a resource shown above your health bar. It is usually gained from attacking but it reduces if you don’t fill a complete bar. If you parry an enemy, you have an option to use an Empowered Riposte to attack back and heal about half your health. Orn else, Two Resolve bars can be used for a weapon ability. 


3. How to Heal in Mortal Shell

Unlike other RPG, it is little painful to get cured, especially, if you just started playing Mortal Shell. There are various ways to heal in Mortal Shell but the main ways to heal are consuming items, getting an Empowered Riposte, recovering your Shell, and talking to the NPC at the start of the second zone (Sester Genessa).

Roasted Rat is said to be one of the best items to heal in Mortal Shell. When you are familiar with it, Roasted Rat heals 40 health in more than 25 seconds. If you don’t know how to get Roasted Rat, don’t fret, you can purchase it via Trader in the first zone but it will cost you 100 Tar.

4. Which Shell is the best?

There are four shells in Mortal Shell and they decide your health, stamina and a lot more as well it appears. You can find out more about shell and their locations in Mortal Shells by clicking on this link.

If you are looking for recommendation, I would ask you to choose Tiel, which makes it easier to dodge around enemies and attack for long periods of time. Unlike the first shell, Tiel is way easier to stun lock certain by combing various attacks.

5. Recovering your shell

When you die for the first time in Mortal Shell per life, you will be kicked out of your Shell, dropping you to very low health bar where you can re-enter your Shell nearby. If you do this, it will heal you completely but when you die for the second time, it will reset you to a checkpoint. If you get wiped to a checkpoint before this shell is fully recovered, you will lose your Tar currency for that life.

This is why it is quite important to recover your shell in Mortal Shell. On the basis of your Shell, it is not extremely hard to run past enemies to get your body back.

Tip:  When you are knocked out of your shell for the time, if it’s glowing green from position, you will have to wait until the poison go away. Then, re-enter and you would not be poisoned.

6. Learn enemy pattern

Learning enemy pattern in Mortal Shell is too important. Every enemy in the game has a unique way of fighting making them easy to learn. The earlier you learn how to fight them the longer you stay in the game.

Once you learn the tactics used by each enemy in Mortal Shell, combat will become way simpler and easier for you.

7. What Are Tar and Glimpses For?

Currently, there are two currencies available in Mortal Shell – Tar and Glimpses. Tar is basically used to buy item and upgrade your Shell. Glimpses, on the other hand, used exclusively for Shell upgrades.

How Do You Get Tar/Glimpses

Tar is dropped by enemies when they are dead. In order to check how much Tar you have have, you can see it at the bottom right corner. The number shown to the right of your Tar is showing how many Glimpses you have.

You can get Glimpses by two ways – Enemies will sometimes drop Glimpses and certain items will give them when consumed.

Here are items that provide Glimpses in Mortal Shell:

  • Glimpse of Futility – Gives 1 before you’re familiar with it, then 2.
  • Glimpse of Wisdom – Gives 2 before you’re familiar with it, then 3.
  • Glimpse of Affection – Gives 4 before you’re familiar with it, then 5.

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