How To FAST Travel In Mortal Shell Easily

Learn how to fast travel in Mortal Shell and save time moving between different areas.

The Mortal Shell world has different areas, which are connected through Fallgrim. Knowing how to fast travel in Mortal Shell will help you save you the time and effort of traveling each time through Fallgrim to reach a different area. However, the fast travel system is hidden and a bit challenging to find in Mortal Shell. Follow this guide to learn how to fast travel in Mortal Shell.

Mortal Shell Guide: How to Fast Travel

To fast travel in Mortal Shell, you will first have to upgrade a shell to its maximum potential. This means you will have to spend Tars and Glimpses to purchase various items from Sester Genessa and upgrade any shell. Once you have a Shell that is upgraded fully, Sester Genessa will add more items for sale. The new items up for sale will be:

  • Spectral Token (2 Glimpses)
  • Ethereal Diapason (5 Glimpses)
  • Ornate Token (2 Glimpses)
  • Glimpse of Affection (6 Glimpses)
  • Mortal Token (2 Glimpses)
  • Untarnished Mask (3 Glimpses)
  • Ornate Mask (30 Glimpses)

In order to be able to fast travel in Mortal Shell, you will have to purchase the Ornate Mask from Sester Genessa. If you don’t have enough Glimpses, you can go out to hunt some enemies and collect the required amount. Fog enemies have a greater frequency of dropping Glimpses. Once you have the Mask, you can fast travel to any Sester Genessa location that you have come across during your playthrough. To fast travel, interact with Sester Genessa and select abilities on the options screen. Under the abilities option select fast travel. This will take you to a screen that will show all the available locations that you come across and where you can fast travel.

You now know how to fast travel in Mortal Shell. You can also learn how to unlock the locked chests in Mortal Shell to collect upgradable items and easily defeat bosses such as Hadern.