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Mortal Shell Boss Fight | How To Beat Hadern Easily

Tricks to beat Mortel Shell Boss, learn how to defeat Hadern Boss in the game. This guide will help you to defeat the boss instantly.

Hadern in Mortal Shell is a boss that you will encounter many times in the game, as soon as you enter a new area to unlock a weapon, you will first have to battle against Hadern. If you’re having trouble defeating this boss, read our tips and tricks on how to do it.

How To Beat Hadern In Mortal Shell

Hadern is the first boss that you come up against in Mortal Shell, as soon as you get the Hallowed Sword right at the beginning you will need to fight against Hadern.

  • While the first boss fight can be a bit overwhelming as you progress in the game, you will learn how to use your weapon and movement to easily defeat Hadern in Mortal Shell.
  • Defeating Hadern in Mortal Shell needs you to have good control on your dodging abilities, if you manage to perfectly execute dodge and roll out of danger, this will become of the easiest boss fights in Mortal Shell.
  • The most peculiar thing about Hadern is the fact that he too can use the Harden ability, making him impervious to attack when activated, what you need to do is bait the boss into using this ability as often as possible.
  • This will give you a window of opportunity to attack when he’s stationary, use dodge to create distance and as soon as Hadern uses Harden ability, get ready to use your Jump Heavy Attack on him.

Keep on repeating this pattern, Hadern’s move set is limited and you can easily telegraph his moves as you fight him. Make sure to avoid any damage by dodging out of the way and then as soon as he uses Harden, wait for it to cool down and reply with your own attack.

This seems a bit difficult at first, but if you get your timing right all you have to do is keep carrying out the same until you defeat Hadern in Mortal Shell.

This is all there is to know about how to defeat Hadern easily in Mortal Shell, make sure to check out how to unlock all the Shells in Mortal Shell right here on Gamer Tweak.