How To Unlock The Locked Chests In Mortal Shell

Open the locked chests in Mortal Shell to collect valuable items.

While playing Mortal Shell, you would have run into many chests that say “chest is locked.” Knowing how to open these locked chests will give you an upper hand in the game as they contain many valuable items. These items include tokens, upgrade materials, effigies, etc. They also have some rare items like the ones that allow you to switch weapons in the game. But the chests in the game are locked and there is no sign to unlock them. This guide will help you learn how to open locked chests in Mortal Shell and collect all the valuable loot.

Mortal Shell: How to Open Locked Chests

To put it simply, you have to defeat the main boss of the zone where you want to open the locked chests. There are three bosses, Crucix the Twiceborn, Imrod the Unrepentant, and Tarsus the First in Mortal Shell. All the bosses when defeated will give you a shinning Gland upon their feet. When you collect a Gland, that when the Gland run for that particular zone starts.

During the Gland run, the fog will roll in and it will be dark everywhere. A small portion of your surrounding will be visible in red color. This is when more tough and dangerous enemies will spawn and try to defeat you. But then, this is also when the locked chests will open up allowing you to interact and collect items from them. You won’t be allowed to run fast during the Gland run.

You need to avoid getting killed and return to the Fallgrim tower where you will have to give the Gland to the Old Prisoner. When you return the Gland, Thestus the Specter will appear. Thestus will give you two options to choose from. You can either ask Thestus to summon back the fog or bring everything back to normal. If you opt to summon back the fog, you can continue to interact with all the chests in that zone. But you will also have to face stronger enemies. On the other hand, if you choose to bring everything back to normal, the enemies will be gone and the chests will be locked again. So make your decision wisely.

Each boss will give you one gland to open the locked chests in their zones. That’s how to open the locked chests in Mortal Shell. You can also read our guides on where to find shell locations and how to get Ballistazooka in Mortal Shell.