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V Rising – What Happens When You Die? (Answered)

Check out our guide on what happens when you die as a vampire in V Rising.

We all know that V Rising is a game that revolves around a weakened vampire as he arises to build everything from a scratch. But what happens after death? Although we all ponder upon what happens after death, let’s look from the viewpoint of a vampire. Technically, you shouldn’t die while you are already undead as a vampire. But several aspects can make stop a Vampire from being undead. So, here’s what happens when you die in V Rising.

What Happens When You Die in V Rising


Once you drop dead to the ground, another player can revive you within three to four minutes (before you truly stop being undead). Alternatively, if you are playing solo, you can respawn to a different location by pressing the X key.

what happens when die v rising

  • You will get a prompt stating that “You were slain” along with the time of your death.
  • You can toggle the Server settings to whomsoever you wish to collect your loot.
  • If you are worried about your loot while playing on different servers, it depends on the server you are on.
  • There are three options to toggle the “Permission to loot dead players” setting. You can find this option under Player and Castle Interactions in the Private game Settings.
  • While the default setting is Clan members, you can toggle it to the Anyone or Only self option.
  • If you decide to keep this setting as it is, make sure that your clan members are trusted. And the members that will return your valuable loot.
  • On the other hand, if you choose Anyone, any player can loot your equipment and other resources.
  • Lastly, upon choosing the Only Self option, the sole vampire that can collect the loot will be yourself.


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