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V Rising: How To Craft Empty Glass Bottle

Here is how you can craft empty glass bottles in V Rising.

Surviving against the elements is hard enough as a human being but as a vampire? Things get that much more challenging. There are many skills that are important to work on. One of which is crafting. This is a very big part of the survival game. In this guide, we will show you how to farm glass and craft an empty glass bottle in V Rising.

How to Craft an Empty Glass Bottle in V Rising


How to Craft an Empty Glass Bottle in V Rising

You don’t see glass around Vardoran a lot. This is what makes it so valuable in the game. Before we get to the glass bottle, you will need to learn how to craft glass first.

How to Craft Glass in V Rising


To unlock the recipe for glass you will need to defeat the level 44 V Blood called Christina the Sun Priestess. Once you beat her, you will be awarded the following:

  • Purgatory Power
  • Glass Recipe
  • Empty Glass Bottle Recipe
  • Holy Resistance Potion Recipe
  • Blood Rose Potion Recipe

Now that you have both, the glass and empty glass bottle recipes, you can go to your furnace room to craft your V Rising glass.


To craft glass, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Insert 20 Quartz into your furnace
  • Now, you should get about 4 glass panes

Check out this guide on how to make & farm glass if you want a more detailed description.


After this, create an empty glass bottle by following these steps:

  • From there, you will need to go to the Alchemy Table
  • Now, take your four panes of glass and put them in the container

Since you have the empty glass bottle recipe, you can now click on that to create your own bottle. Follow these two steps as many times as you need to create as many glass panes and bottles as necessary.

Where to Farm Glass in Vardoran

When it comes to creating glass, there is only one resource needed, quartz. And so, farming glass basically means that you have to farm quartz alone.

You can find quartz around the Dunley Farmlands. Here is a map to show you all of the spaces that you can go to to get quartz.

Dunley Farmlands
Map credit: Map Genie

While you may get quartz through these nodes, they aren’t infinite and you will need to keep some as a backup just in case you run out of it in your preferred spots before they are replenished.

Don’t count on getting a ton of quartz from enemies in this area. As they don’t drop the same often whenever you fight them. The only place where you can get these more easily is in Dunley Monastery. Being a Monastery, you will need to have a heavy supply of Holy Resistance Potions if you want to make it out alive. And so only go for this as a last resort.

Check out this guide for the best quartz locations in V Rising.

This was your guide on how to craft empty glass bottles and farm glass in V Rising. If you enjoyed this article then check out this one on how you can get and use gems in the game.