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V Rising: How To Get & Use Gems

Gems are one of the most useful reagents that you can find in V Rising. Check out how you can get and use them.

In V Rising it can be a bit of a hassle to get gems, but once you get them putting them to use won’t be much of a problem. As you progress in the game, you will not only find these gemstones but have a need for them. That’s because you require them for different gear and weapons. So without wasting any time let us quickly check how to get and use Gemstones in V Rising.

How to Get Gems in V Rising


v rising get and use gems

There are two main ways to get gems in V Rising.

  • Mining them:
    • Throughout the world of Vardoran, you will come across many stone nodes. You need to mine the stone nodes that have crystal-like shards sticking out of them. These nodes aren’t exactly common to find so you will have to search a bit for them. But once you do come across one they are easy to notice. Check the above image to refer to what they should look like. It is recommended you use a mace when trying to mine these gemstones.
    • There are no farm locations to mine a particular gem. So whenever you are mining these nodes you can get any of the following gemstones.
      • Ruby (Crude)
      • Sapphire (Crude)
      • Emerald (Crude)
      • Topaz (Crude)
      • Miststone (Crude)
      • Amethyst (Crude)
    • You can then use these Crude gemstones to convert them into Regular gemstones. These Regular gemstones can then further be made into Flawless gemstones.
  • Buying them:
    • Once you get the power to transform into a human. You can turn into one and interact with Traders and Merchants to buy different items. You can use silver coins to get these resources from them. Below are the merchants that sell you these gemstones and their prices for them.
    • Gavyn the Shady Dealer
      • Ruby (Crude): 8 silver coins
      • Sapphire (Crude): 8 silver coins
      • Emerald (Crude): 8 silver coins
      • Topaz (Crude): 8 silver coins
      • Miststone (Crude): 8 silver coins
      • Amethyst (Crude): 8 silver coins
    • Berk the Travelling Trader
      • Ruby (Regular): 24 silver coins
      • Sapphire (Regular): 24 silver coins
      • Emerald (Regular): 24 silver coins
      • Topaz (Regular): 24 silver coins
      • Miststone (Regular): 24 silver coins
      • Amethyst (Regular): 24 silver coins
    • Ottar the Merchant
      • Ruby (Flawless): 120 silver coins
      • Sapphire (Flawless): 120 silver coins
      • Emerald (Flawless): 120 silver coins
      • Topaz (Flawless): 120 silver coins
      • Miststone (Flawless): 120 silver coins
      • Amethyst (Flawless): 120 silver coins


How to Use Gems

You can use these gemstones to craft various weapons and equipable like jewelry.

With that, you should now be able to get gemstones easily in V Rising and have no problem using them. For more help on other topics on this game like V Blood locations and boss guides check out our V Rising section.