V Rising: How To Get & Use Miststone

Already have miststone in your inventory but are not sure how to use it in V Rising? Check out its uses and how to get it.

Miststone is one of the Gemstones in V Rising that you can get to use to make better gear. If you have a bunch of them you can even get weapons like Sanguine Reaper. But the problem is getting your hands on them can be quite troublesome. So in this guide let us check how to get and use Mist Stone in V Rising.

How to Get Miststone in V Rising

v rising get and use mist stone

In order to get mist stone in V Rising, you need to mine stone nodes that have crystal-like shards sticking out of them. When you break them you have a chance to get the following stones:

  • Miststone (Crude)
  • Amethyst (Crude)
  • Emerald (Crude)
  • Ruby (Crude)
  • Sapphire (Crude)
  • Topaz (Crude)

Sadly, there is no guaranteed drop for a single type of stone like how you can get for iron or copper ores. So if you want to farm or mine them you only have two options. The first is to break the above-mentioned stone nodes with crystals stuck from them. And the second is to attack stone golems. With the above two methods, you will get crude stones.

The second way to get mist stones is by buying them from traders or merchants. You can buy them in exchange for silver coins. Below are the prices of all mist stones:

  • Crude Miststone
    • Price: 8 silver coins
    • Sold by: Gavyn the Shady Dealer
  • Regular Miststone
    • Price: 24 silver coins
    • Sold by: Berk the Travelling Trader
  • Flawless Miststone
    • Price: 120 silver coins
    • Sold by: Ottar the Merchant

Alternatively, once you have Crude Miststone you can also use it to get its other forms.

  • Regular Miststone: Uses 4 Crude Miststone
  • Flawless Miststone: Uses 4 Regular Miststone

How to Use Mist Stone in V Rising

Here is how to use Miststone in the game.

  • Crude Miststone can be used to get:
    • Regular Miststone
    • Mist Signet
  • Regular Miststone can be used to get:
    • Flawless Miststone
    • Misty Necklace
    • Merciless Iron Reaper
    • The General’s Soul Reaper
  • Flawless Miststone can be used to get:
    • Sanguine Reaper

That covers everything you should know about how to get & use Miststone in V Rising. If you are interested in playing this game and found this guide useful then also check our other V Rising guides.