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V Rising: How To Get & Use Silver Coins

Wondering how you can get silver coins in V Rising? Check out this guide to not only learn that but also its use.

Silver coins are very useful in V Rising, but knowing how to get and use them can be a problem. The reason for it is if your gear level is low and you pick up silver coins you see your character lose health. Thus it can be a bit nerve-wracking as to how are you supposed to use it, let alone go looking for it. So in this guide let us check how to get and use Silver Coins in V Rising.

How to Get Silver Coins in V Rising


v rising how to get and use silver coins
Image Credit: RaZzi on YouTube

You can get Silver Coins in V Rising from containers that are lootable. These can be chests, golden chests, or cabinets. There is no need for you to specifically go looking for a certain container. The reason for it is they are spread throughout the map. Hence you are guaranteed to stumble upon a few as you go exploring.

The bigger issue here is not how you can get silver coins but rather how to collect them. The problem with these coins is, as the name suggests they are made out of silver. Hence carrying these coins will put a silver sickness on you, which reduces your health every few seconds. The effect of this debuff gets stronger with the number of coins you are carrying. So the more coins you have the faster you lose your health.


But you can counter this silver sickness by using a silver resistance potion. They allow you to carry silver coins without you taking any damage for a little time. There are two different silver resistance potions that you can get:

  • Silver Resistance Potion
    • Ghost Shroom: 32
    • Water-filled Bottle: 1
  • Silver Resistance Brew
    • Snow Flower: 20
    • Water-filled Canteen: 1

Now, let us check how to use them.


How to Use Silver Coins

In order to use silver coins, you need the Human Form power. You can get it after you beat Beatrice the Tailor. We also have a dedicated guide on her location. And you also need traders or merchants that allow you to spend these coins. You can spend your silver coins to buy different items like hats, helmets, potions, resources, or more.

That covers this guide on how to get and use Silver Coins in V Rising. If you found this guide to be of any use then also check our V Rising sections to get help on more such topics.