When Does The Airship Come Out In Among Us?

Curious to know when does the Airship come out in Among Us? Find out everything that's known right here.

Among Us fans are super eager to play on a new map and they are curious to know – when does The Airship come out in Among Us? When the new Airship map was revealed via twitter initially, players saw that the theme is based on the Henry Stickmin series. To be specific, it’s based on the Toppat Clan Airship, plus the image also showed a purple and red outfit on a character. In this article, you will know more about when this map is coming out in the game, officially.

When Does The Airship Map Come Out In Among Us?


Innersloth, the developers, revealed the Airship Map at the 2020 Game Awards and informed everyone that it will release in early 2021. Unfortunately, that’s all the information that is known. For the super eager players, early 2021 meant January and you are not completely wrong. There was a chance of it releasing in Jan based on the release date window, But we are already in the middle of the month and we do not have any specific map release date.

Of course, early 2021 doesn’t have to be January 2021 and that’s exactly what @AmongUsGame has replied to a player on Twitter. So, there seems to be a bit more waiting to do because it doesn’t look like it is releasing in January. If we are lucky, we may get it in February 2021 and if not, it could be March 2021. When the official Airship map release date 2021 is unveiled, we will surely update this post.

As mentioned before, the Airship map is based on the Henry Stickmin Collection which is developed by Innersloth. But did you know that there are other Among Us Easter Eggs that reference Henry Stickmin and other pop culture themes? You can check them all out right here.

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