What Happens When You Die In Sons Of The Forest? (Death Penalty)

Wondering what happens when you die in Sons of the Forest? Here are all the consequences you'll face.

On this deadly remote island survival is pretty tough if you don’t play your cards right. As death is a possibility in Sons of the Forest, it makes the player wonder what happens when they die. However, if you haven’t faced death yet then let us tell you, you are doing well as of now. But you better be ready, that’s because there’s a lot more to come. Here there are various threats that will challenge your existence. And you never know who you might come across and what you might lose when you die in the game. If the same questions are bothering you, then let us put your mind at ease.

What Happens If I Die in Sons of the Forest? (Explained)

What Happens If I Die In Sons of the Forest (Explained)

The consequences of dying in the game differ for single-player and multiplayer modes. Furthermore, the outcome also depends on if it’s your first time facing death or the second. For your convenience below we have mentioned all about what happens when you die in both modes in Sons of the Forest.

Single-player Mode Consequences

If you die in the single-player mode for the first time, then you’ll find yourself waking up in the mutants camp, held captive. In this case, the game will allow you to escape with your backpack i.e. inventory. On the other hand, the situation might get pretty unforgiving for the players who have already died once.

What Happens After I Die In Sons of the Forest
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Players dying a second time will get a cut scene where they are on the ground and the screen displays the sum of days they have survived. After that, you’ll get the chance to simply start the game from their last save. And if there isn’t any, then you will be left with only one choice i.e. to start a new game from the beginning. So in order to avoid such issues, we recommend you make a habit of crafting a shelter to save the game whenever you sense danger. For the player wondering, what happens if they die in Sons of the Forest Multiplayer mode simply scroll for more details.

Multiplayer Mode Consequences

In Multiplayer mode the death consequences are not that bad. Here whether you die for the first time or the second, the outcome will be the same. That is to start the game where you last saved. And doing so will result in no inventory loss. As recommended earlier, in such types of survival games you should save your progress whenever you get the chance. But if you are unaware of the steps to do so, then check out this guide on how to Save Progress easily.

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What do You Lose When You Die? Death Penalty

You won’t lose anything if you die the first time in the single-player mode. But, the second death will surely force the player to start the game from the last save or the beginning. Similarly, in the multiplayer mode, the player will have to start the game from the last saved point no matter how many times they die. And as mentioned earlier, doing so will result in no inventory item loss.

With that said, this is all you need to know about what happens when you die in Sons of the Forest. While you are here check out the types of Armor you can use for your protection. Also, take a look at how to make & use Small Cabin in the game.