Watch Dogs Legion Mods Download & Installation Guide

Are there any mods for Watch Dogs Legion? Check this guide for more details.

Watch Dogs Legion puts you in the shoes of a secret hacking group DedSec. The only resistance left to stand against the private military rule. As a DedSec operative, you unlock the power to hack anything in the city. Even citizens profile, and encourage them to join DedSec. The game is quite amazing with a lot to explore. There are tons of activities and interesting puzzles. But what if you can do more? Are there any mods for Watch Dogs Legion?

Today we will try to find an answer to this question. Recently there was news that Watch Dogs Legion Source code is leaked. What does this mean? If the games source code is out then modders can simply create a lot of custom content.

How to Download Mods for Watch Dogs Legion?

Watch Dogs Legion Mods are not yet available. But there are some sites who are offering Trainers. We are testing the same. Some of these Watch Dogs Legion trainers unlock additional powers. For example, reducing the cool down period of using abilities. Also, you can spawn different vehicles and add some custom characters in the game.

The problem with these Watch Dogs Legion trainer it makes the game unstable. That’s the major reason we do not provide any link right now. But do not forget to visit this page again, we are scanning through various communities to find out working mods for Watch Dogs Legion.

Nexus Mod is the most popular website, but yet they have not updated anything about the game. Ubisoft offers an HD texture pack. This will be downloaded additionally if you want high-end graphics on your PC. This works on a system with better hardware.

The most challenging part of Watch Dogs Legion is hiring the best operatives. We have a list of guides for recruiting the best operatives in the game. Like the Hitman or the Construction Worker or an Albion Soldier. These operatives fall into the category of skilled operatives. They come with additional abilities like a Hitman comes with a long-range weapon and strong melee combat skills. Construction Worker can summon a drone and Albion Guard has weapons + uniform access. To know more about the same hit our Watch Dogs Legion Wiki.