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What Does Watch Dogs: Legion Source Code Leak Mean For Gamers

The source code of Watch Dogs: Legion has been leaked and it might help the game to develop more and create user based mods and more

The source code of Watch Dogs: Legion has been leaked but not a lot of people know what it means and what can be done with it. If you want to get all the information about the source code leak of Watch Dogs: Legion, check it out right here.

Watch Dogs: Legion Source Code Leak – What Does It Mean


It was reported way back in October 2020 that Watch Dogs: Legion Source code has been leaked and while it does not affect gamers negatively in any way whatsoever, there can be a silver lining to this game. Players can expect to get a ton of mods and customizability in Watch Dogs: Legion and the game soon might be available for downloads via piracy.

This also feels ironic and poetic justice in a way that a game about hackers has been hacked and the source code of the game is out for the people in 500+ GB files.

The leaked source code will give modders the ability to make changes depending on their wishes and soon there could be a variety of versions of Watch Dogs: Legion. As we’ve known until now, each game benefits by having mods and it looks like by having mods and a bunch of other things Watch Dogs: Legion owners can expect a ton of new content.


watch dogs legion source code leaked what does it mean


While we’re not sure to what extent the game can and might be modded. It is certain that a lot of interesting things can be done with the game. The source code leak might bring wholesome mods to the game and the community can pitch in their ideas and make the game better than it is.

The possibilities are endless and by optimizing the game, while Ubisoft hasn’t released a statement regarding this, we’re anxious to see what Ubisoft’s stand will be with this and how they respond to the leaked source code.


It is still unclear whether Ubisoft is using Denuvo or not to ensure anti-piracy measures but more will be revealed in the coming days. So make sure to check out Gamer Tweak for the latest news and rumors about all the games you love.