Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline DLC Review – No Civilians Only the Best

Bloodline DLC brings a new perspective and a good extension to the storyline. Wearing the mask of Aiden Pearce and Wrench, you will be forced to finish the new plot.

Watch Dogs Legion is back in action with two old faces and a new storyline. Ubisoft took a faith of leap by introducing a new feature of making every-NPC and part of the main story. A game that tends to breaks the limits of standard gaming, allowing players to pick the character they love the most. If you had played Watch Dogs Legion you know it lets you hack into the life of citizens and convince them to join the infamous hacking group DedSec. They revolt against the unfair rule and aims to free London.

Bloodline DLC brings a new perspective and a good extension to the storyline. Wearing the mask of Aiden Pearce and Wrench, you will be forced to finish the new plot. In this review, I will share my viewpoints on how felt after playing Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline.


Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline Review

Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline Review

It is electrifying to have the most popular hacker of Watch Dogs universe back into the picture. Aiden Pearce brings a refreshing storyline, lots of combat power, and true-hacking ability to the table. Compared to the NPC’s, I enjoyed a lot playing as Aiden Pearce. Even though he will not follow you till the end, whatever time you have with him is enjoyable. I won’t go much in detail about the plot, what matters is how Aiden can drive fun in Watch Dogs Legion. Nothing much is changed in terms of objectives and missions. But combat and dealing with those freaky machine bots is tough. You have to work hard in some missions to complete them.

Stealth is the key to success in Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline that perfectly suits Aiden’s image. I tried to barge into restricted zones as Wrench but failed. As Aiden, you have the superpower to disable anything in the vicinity, thanks to his hacking ability “System Crash”. I wish to have him till the end. Wrench is painful in close combat, his take-down animations draw few extra lethal seconds, which is not at all good on the crowded battleground.

Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline Review

Bloodline is a well-crafted DLC for Watch Dogs Legion, a fresh chapter that I was looking for for some time. You will really enjoy the expansion and connection between the main characters. Wrench can pop out hilarious lines in between, which are interesting to watch. As usual Bloodline DLC does not completely transform the game into something new. It is one more good reason to play.

Does Aiden Pearce become a valid reason to play Bloodline?

Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline Review

Aiden Pearce aka the Vigilante and the FOX is the first protagonist of the Watch Dogs series and part of the first and the second edition of the game. Their appearance has been changed a lot, he is now portrayed as an old man struggling to rebuild his family connections. Those who have played Watch Dogs Legion before and kind of got bored with every citizen with standard skills, then try Bloodline.

Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline Review

After completing the entire DLC, Aiden and Wrench appear as switchable operatives for the main game later at the end of Bloodline DLC. While in Bloodline you cannot recruit any other NPC’s, it is reserved for Wrench and Aiden. If you are done with all the main missions of the base game, you can play with both new operatives. Type of Game Plus add-on where you can replay the entire missions back with these two new pro-level hackers.


Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline Review

Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline Review

There are some hiccups, but Watch Dogs Bloodline DLC looks beautiful on RTX, especially if you can play it on high-end GPU like Zotac RTX 3080 AMP Holo 10GB on max settings. Our gaming machine is powered by a Core i7 10th gen GPU + a 980GB M.2 Drive and 16GB DDR4 RAM. Packed with the Zotac GPU there is no limit to the number of details you will enjoy. Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline really looks neat on high graphics with RTX on.


Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline is a refreshing add-on for the game. Sometimes Aiden might look over-powered but that is what he is. A veteran hacker and the true face of the Watch Dogs series. Wrench is an interesting add-on to support the next half of the DLC. I wish to use Aiden as the main guy in the boss fights. Stealth is the key to success in Bloodline, the entire plot focuses a lot on staying low. A mix of hacking and combat with introductions of new enemies makes it’s an entertaining package. You will definitely love to play as Aiden Pearce, do not miss it.


No Civilians Only the Best!

Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline is an ultimate refreshing add-on for the series as well as the game.

  • Plot 8
  • Graphics 7.5
  • Overall Gameplay 7
  • Performance 7