Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition Review

The highly anticipated arrival of Horizon Forbidden West on the PC platform marks a significant milestone for gamers worldwide. Originally debuting on the PlayStation 4 and 5 in 2022, the game has now been ported to the Windows platform after 2 years of development. As a seasoned player who thoroughly enjoyed both Zero Dawn and Forbidden West on PlayStation consoles, I was not thrilled to try my hand at the PC Edition at the start. Since I’d already enjoyed the storyline and battled robot animals several times on the console, I thought of approaching the PC version with caution.


Horizon Forbidden West serves as a sequel to Zero Dawn, continuing Alloy’s journey through a post-apocalyptic world now dominated by machines. In between the chaos lies a deadly plague, forcing Alloy and her allies to unravel its mysteries. The game is vast and promises hours of immersive gameplay.

Being used to the simplicity of controls while playing on a PS controller, I found the transition to PC somewhat daunting. Movement, combat, and interaction, which were effortlessly executed on the console, suddenly felt more complex on PC. PS controllers are intuitively designed, with single keys performing multiple functions. For example, the joystick manages both movement and running. However, on PC, additional inputs are required, such as hitting the Shift key separately to initiate running.

forbidden west pc screen 2

As a seasoned PC player, I quickly adapted to the game’s mechanics and found myself immersed within the first hour. Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition offers a captivating blend of engaging combat, a rich narrative, and a unique universe centered around the woman vs machine conflict. It’s undoubtedly a must-have addition to any gaming library, and I highly recommend experiencing it on a rig capable of supporting high resolutions, such as a dual-screen setup or a gaming laptop with 2K or 4K support. Playing at lower settings would only detract from the game’s immersive experience and visual fidelity.

PC Graphics:

forbidden west pc screen 3

Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition captured my interest as I perused its specifications on the Steam description. One particular feature immediately stood out: Ultrawide resolution support. The prospect of immersing myself in the game with aspect ratios of 21:9, 32:9, and even triple monitor setups boasting a maximum ratio of 48:9 was undeniably enticing. Additionally, the Nvidia DLSS 3 upscaling technology promised the potential for achieving breathtakingly realistic graphics on both my gaming PC and laptop.

Playing Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition on Max settings at 4k on a dual monitor setup was truly an awe-inspiring experience. Thanks to my Ryzen 9 rig, equipped with an RTX 4080 Super, the game ran smoothly without any lag whatsoever. The meticulously detailed scenes often immerse you to the extent that you feel like an integral part of the game world. It’s worth noting that to fully enjoy Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition, a robust rig is essential. Attempting to run the game on medium or low settings may compromise the immersive experience and detract from the overall enjoyment.

  • Alienware x17 R2
  • 12th Gen Core i9
  • 32GB RAM
  • Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti 32GB GPU

To experience Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition on a gaming laptop, I opted for the Alienware x17 R2. Having tested numerous games on this platform, it seemed ideal for exploring 4K capabilities in a portable form. Alienware x17 R2 users may notice that the back panel tends to warm up during intensive gaming sessions. However, employing a cooling pad effectively mitigates this issue, ensuring optimal performance and comfort. Moreover, when playing on high settings, it is advisable to keep the device connected to a power source to provide the GPU with ample power for maximum performance. This ensures stable FPS and maintains exceptional display quality on the laptop screen.

As previously mentioned, Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition for PC truly shines when experienced at higher settings. Opting for a minimum of 2K resolution coupled with an ultra-wide setup can breathe new life into your gaming setup. With stunning landscapes, scary robot dinosaurs, and a robust combat system, the game offers a captivating open-world experience. Even after completing the main storyline, there’s still a plethora of content to explore, ensuring countless hours of immersive gameplay.


In essence, Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition for PC not only meets but exceeds expectations, delivering a visually striking and technically refined gaming experience. Its immersive world and finely tuned gameplay mechanics are sure to captivate both newcomers and seasoned gamers alike. For those who have yet to experience Horizon Forbidden West, prepare for a fresh and absorbing journey.

The game offers two distinct modes: guided and explorer. Newcomers may find the guided mode a helpful introduction, providing direction through the main story before transitioning to the more open-ended explorer mode for further exploration.

Crafting, unlocking powerful weapons, and strategizing against formidable bosses are integral aspects of gameplay. With Alloy relying on traditional weaponry such as the Bow and Arrow, players must invest time in mastering these skills to overcome challenges effectively.

Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition offers a comprehensive experience, boasting a rich narrative, challenging combat encounters, vast open-world exploration, and an abundance of side missions to satiate your gaming appetite.


Beautiful at 4K

Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition offers a comprehensive experience, boasting a rich narrative, challenging combat encounters, vast open-world exploration, and an abundance of side missions to satiate your gaming appetite.

  • Gameplay 9
  • Graphics 9
  • Overall Performance (4K PC) 8