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Evil Dead Game Warriors Tier List (Best Warrior)

Check out our Warriors tier list to find out the best Warrior in Evil Dead The Game.

With the release of Evil Dead Game, players are pretty excited to play all four classes for Survivors in the game. These four classes include Leaders, Warriors, Hunters, and Support based characters. Speaking of Warrior classes, these Survivors have increased maximum health and are the best for melee combat. While all the Warrior-based Survivors have great agility and inflict increased dismemberment damage, they do have some differences. We have compiled all these Survivors and ranked them based on their abilities, perks, and other stats. So, here’s our tier list to pick the best Warrior in Evil Dead The Game.

Best Warrior in Evil Dead The Game Tier List


Mentioned below are all the warriors ranked within different tiers:

Warriors      Tiers
Ash Williams S
Scotty A
Henry, the Red B

Although these above Warriors inflict heavy melee attacks and consume less stamina, there are a few differences in their stats and perks. So, let’s start with Ash Williams from the Army of Darkness.


Ash Williams

He is the main protagonist of the Evil Dead and has the active ability of Wise Potion. If you have seen the Army of Darkness movie, a character named Wise man gives Ash a potion to return to his timeline. With this ability activated, you can reduce the fear levels, deal with damage more and reduce the inflicted damage. Coming to the offense side, he has an ability of Shield Blast that activates when you lose a shield bar to trigger an explosion. You can unlock one of his other abilities, Finish Strong at level 10 wherein he recovers a shield bar each time he kills a Deadite. In addition to these abilities and perks, you can also unlock the Weapon Master: Chainsaw at level 25. Once you activate this ability, you have a faster attack speed and can deal more damage with significant dismemberment damage.



While Scotty was a party spoiler in the movie, his abilities and perks are quite great in Evil Dead the Game. He has an ability of Thunder Thrust which creates an explosion to damage the nearby enemies. One of his other abilities is the Collateral Damage which boosts heavy melee attacks to inflict more damage. You can also reduce the fear levels with each Deadite you kill using the Exposure Therapy ability that is unlocked at level 10. You unlock the Weapon Master: Lumberjack as you reach level 25 which grants faster attack speed, increases the length of the balance bar, and dismemberment damage. In addition to that, you can also deal more damage incoming from the Deadites.

Henry, the Red

Although the other two Warriors rely on a specific weapon, this medieval warrior can be unstoppable with his abilities and perks. That brings us to his active ability, Unstoppable that temporarily blocks the incoming damage to the shields and health. His other ability, Shields Up! allows players to start the match with an additional shield bar. You can unlock his Rebound ability that allows you to return a percentage of the inflicted damage by the Deadites back to them. This can be pretty useful to tackle enormous hordes of Deadites. You can unlock the Battle Hardened ability at level 25. This grants you an increased shield bar and maximum health.


Best Warrior in Evil the Dead Game

evil dead the game best warrior tier list

In my opinion, the best Warrior to slash the Deadites would be choosing Ash Williams. That’s because of his groovy balance between combat and defense. His health regeneration and increased damage can tackle Deadites with ease. But if you were looking for a tank and focused on defenses, the right choice would be to go for Henry, the Red.

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