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Evil Dead Game Leaders Tier List (Best Leader)

Check out our tier list for the best Leader in Evil Dead The Game.

The most recent Evil Dead Game is exceptional fan service to all the players and movie buffs, alike. There are 22 playable characters with five variations of Ash Williams to choose from. But don’t feel groovy yet! As you progress, you will need a Leader in a team to ward off the brutal Deadites. While some players may think that Leaders are similar to Support based characters, they are not. Leaders can create an aura within a radius to offer buffs and reduce the fear levels of their teammates. But which leader to select? We have ranked the three playable leaders based on their abilities, skills, and perks. So, here’s our tier list to help you find out the best Leader in Evil Dead The Game.

Best Leader in Evil Dead The Game Tier List


Mentioned below are all the leaders ranked with different tiers:

Survivors Tiers
Ash Williams S
Annie Knowby A
Lord Arthur B

While all the leaders reduce the fear levels and increase the inflicted damage by their nearby teammates, there are a few differences in their abilities. Let’s start with Lord Arthur, first.


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Lord Arthur

In my opinion, Lord Arthur is a pretty good Leader to start with. One of his abilities, the Lord’s Wrath, can increase the damage of melee attacks for you and the nearby teammates. If he has a sword, he can inflict extra damage with the wrath of this ability. While it is an amazing ability, its weapon master skills are divided into two different perks or abilities. You need to equip the Weapon Master: Heavy attacks to inflict an aura of increased damage for you and your teammates. For Light attacks that offer more mobility, you might need to spend a skill point for Weapon Master: Light attacks. His finisher attack, Finish with Fire provides the Lord’s Wrath to the nearby teammates along with him.


Ash Williams

Coming back to the groovy guy! As mentioned, he is a guy with versatility. Ash Williams can offer fear resistance and increase the damage to his teammates along with him. Using his active skill, Show up & Blow up, you can generate an explosion to damage the balance bar of nearby enemies. This can make it much easy to tackle and deal with them. His El Jefe ability can increase the fear resistance within the range of the aura. In addition to that, the teammates can also inflict increased damage and fear resistance due to this ability. You can begin every match with a chainsaw after you unlock it at Level 10.

Annie Knowby


This leader can increase the damage by all ranged weapons within the range of the aura. Annie’s other distinctive ability is to create an aura that allows players to deal more damage with ranged weapons. Once you unlock her ability of Haymaker at level 10, the attacks by her and the teammates result in increased damage to the balance bar of the basic units. You can also unlock her Slugger ability to cause increased damage to the balance bar of the elite units at level 20.

Best Leader in Evil Dead The Game

evil dead the game best leader tier list

In our opinion, the best Leader to win a match will be Ash Williams. With his groovy versatility, you can increase the inflicted damage and reduce the fear levels of the teammates within the radius. Although you can also go for the other two survivors in the Leaders class, no one handles the chainsaw as well as him.

That’s all on the Best Leader tier List in Evil Dead The Game. If you want a better insight into where all the iconic characters rank, check out our tier list of all the Survivors in Evil Dead The Game right here on Gamer Tweak.